Are Crows Male or Female? | How do you identify a Male Crow from a Female?

Crows are everyday birds. They belong to the “Corvus” family that includes jays, ravens, magpies, nutcrackers, rooks, and choughs.

Intro Video - Backtobirds
Intro Video - Backtobirds

Crows are intelligent species carrying the largest brain size compared to other birds. Many have such a kind of brain to bird ratio much better than mammals and animals, making crow an exceptional bird.

Speaking about crows, there are approximately 40 different species, from pigeon-sized crows to ravens. Often people mistake ravens for crows.

How Do You Identify A Male Crow From A Female Crow


Crows are both male and female. Often male crows are mistaken for female crows as they are identical. It is difficult to tell them apart. Crow males are slightly heavy and larger than female crows.

It is believed that male crows’ feathers slightly vary from the female ones as they are the deepest shades of the ultraviolet spectrum.

There might be a difficulty in remembering that crows are smaller species compared to other huge birds thus young male crow can be the size of an adult female, thus creating misunderstanding based on size alone.

From beak to tail, a male crow measures about 45-50 cms (16–20 in), Males crows appear to be larger and their call is CaaW-CaaW-CaaW slightly different from the females.

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Crows are very social birds and love to mingle with their community. You will never find them sitting alone. The female voice is a slight shrieker voice and has a long tone, descending “caw”.

Although they have a variety of other “CAW” calls that are often used as a signal to call for help or just when they are enjoying their time.

Female crows have submissive behavior. A typical female crow has a higher tone compared to males. Often when they are fighting, their “CAW” has an aggressive tone, and the male crows have a deeper sound.

If you have a family of crows residing near you, listen to them and observe their behavior and you will notice subtle differences in their calls and voices that set them apart.

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Behavior That Sets Them Apart

Male crows are more bossy and dominant and brave in their behavior; adult females are more submissive; since in their crow hierarchy, all adult males are dominant over all females.

Adult male crows are believed to be dominant over female crows after they cross a certain age. Bossing the female crows comes easily to an adult crow.

As per several vets and researchers, it has been found that crows stay with their parents for more than five years before they venture off on their own to start their family.

It is believed that the parent crows take care of their younger ones for a decade or so.

These black species can be identified and differentiated from one another through their behavior. The best way to know a male crow from a female crow is by observing the female crow. 

She is more smart, intelligent, caring, and adaptable compared to her mate.

However, all crows are smart and aggressive learners when it comes to learning new things but, it is a female that catches quickly.

They place sentries to watch their predators and anything that senses danger to protect their offspring. Thus they are often found staying in a close-knit family.

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Wrapping Up

The best way to identify a male crow from a female crow is when they are sitting side by side. Also, there is a behavior difference that sets the species apart.

Unless you don’t study them thoroughly it is tough to figure out from male crow to female.

Crows live all over the world except Antarctica. These black species are highly intellectual and adaptable to the changes. Often found in urban areas, they binge on almost everything.

Crows are considered farmers’ best friends as they protect the crops from predators and pests. There are historical tales of crows having a bad impression but it is certainly not like that.

They are a highly social species, who love to stay amongst their peers and family members. They are protective of their family and take care of their chicks for decades.

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