Are Crows Protected Birds? Is It Against The Law To Kill Crows?

Crows are intelligent, social, and intelligent avian unmistakable black species familiar residents of urban cities. Crows can roost in large flocks and disturb nearby residents with their excrement and cawing.

Intro Video - Backtobirds
Intro Video - Backtobirds

The crows have sharp memories and work together as a mob to threaten or attack other crows, humans, or predators if they attempt to move into their family territory. 

 The crows and their flock’s excretions become the main factor in spreading diseases among humans. The scavenging habits and longer incubation time are the potential factors for crows to spread harmful infections.

Crows are wary and omnivores, even damage crops, fruits, and other garden plantings. Most of the farmers kill crows if they attempt to damage their field. Is it legal to kill crows in a flock? Are crows protected birds?

In this article, let’s discuss the legal status of crows globally and how their increasing population affects human life.

Are crows a protected bird species?

In most countries, crows are protected by law. Some countries’ federal guidelines and regulations permit crows hunting seasons, especially during winter- roosts in groups.

Crows are the most challenging birds to bait or trap. They are highly cognitive. Trapping consumes some time and subsequently quite an expensive process. Consider the crow’s federal regulations’ legal status before initiating the removal techniques or trapping methods.

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Legal status and protection of crows in the world:

Are crows protected in North America?

In North America, American crows are protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. Under the act, crows can be controlled without rules and regulations when they attempt depredations upon livestock, crops, wildlife, shade, or ornamental trees, or when crows in flocks contribute to spreading health hazard diseases or other nuisances.

Federal guidelines and regulations can vary among states. Even some local laws prohibit certain activities such as trapping or shooting as controlling crows. Before initiating the control crows methods, check with state wildlife officials to know about the rules and regulations of the act.

Are crows protected in Australia?

Under Australian law, crows are a protected species, and it’s illegal to harm or kill them. Under the Nature Conservation Act 1992, both ravens and crows are protected and considered native animals in Australia.

It’s illegal to disturb or bait or trap when crows are in the incubating season and raising their young ones. With the help of licensed commercial pet removers or controllers, crows can be controlled when they damage private properties or affect human health.

Are crows protected in England?

The England government scraps general licenses to trap or kill pest birds like crows, jays, and wood pigeons. The Wildlife and Country act 1981 protects wild birds and crows in the UK, and it’s illegal to cause injury or destroy their nest or its contents.

If anyone wants to control the crow’s population, they must apply for an individual license from the government to kill or disturb the crow’s territory.

Are crows protected in Canada?e

In Canada, species like crows, house sparrows, starlings, and blackbirds are protected by the National Parks Act (NPA).

Any Canadian laws do not protect the crows, but it has complete protection under NPA and needs a special license to kill or shoot them.

Catching, murdering, and removing crows in flocks is not easy. It’s better to remove the crows when they start to commit any crimes in the first place. If they are not problems to your lives or crops, leave them alone in their territory.

Is it illegal to shoot crows?

The US federal law regulations permit killing crows with some restrictions like the killing seasons are not more than 124 days each year.

The law does not permit the killing during the primary nesting or incubating season in any provision or state. The Us Government gave license to use rifles, archers, falcons, and shotguns to kill crows or other wild birds.

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Is the crow population increasing?

In recent decades, the crow population is gradually increasing near bay areas and urban cities where they get sufficient food without much hustle. Crows are intensely social birds and maintain a balanced family and social life like humans- become an inseparable part of human society.

Crows are bold and loud creatures and spend time with their family during the breeding season by building nests and raising young ones on a defined territory. Usually, adult crows mate for their entire life and form substantially extended families; even young ones help their parents feed the nestlings before their mating processes.

Mostly around sunset, crows often come together as huge colonies and gather at big trees, calling, flapping, and chasing each other.

Reasons for the high number of crows population in the urban areas are due to:

  • Crows and ravens happily devour humans foods like bread, french fries, and other fast food scraps.
  • Abundant of food in the trash can and garbage 
  • Less number of predators compared to the countryside
  • Urban areas are warmer than suburbs.
  • The government added crows to the list of protected species. People like farmers can no longer shoot them as pests. The crows have also learned to be less cautious and more social around humans.

Why do farmers shoot crows?

Usually, farmers say crows are a destructive species. They complain the crows of digging out seeds from the soil and feed on farmers’ cornfields and pecan trees. Farmers use traditional techniques to deter crows away from the fields.

Crows population increase during spring and summer, when the birds have young birds to feed and spend time with. When the other birds start foraging, it becomes the biggest enemy to the farmers.

Not just grain or crop producers who berate their plundering neighbors, farmers who have livestock complain crows would attack poultry, sheep, and their lambs. Once they invade farmers’ property, they will come back with mob knowns as murder and destroy it.

Farmers take drastic steps to control crows during crop season and even use guns to scarecrows. Farmers implement traditional methods to scare the crows, such as placing crow decoys and human statues and using the predator’s sound sources.

With the help of professional pest controllers or hunters, farmers shoot down crows flying at high speeds to protect their farming.

Irrespective of laws existing to protect them, people misuse them and harm the bird species for their personal needs.

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