Are Ostriches Dangerous To Humans | Can They Kill You?

Ostriches are often considered dangerous due to their large size. They can be ferocious, too, if you startle an ostrich. Otherwise, these birds are quite shy and would like to settle peacefully unless threatened.

Can Ostriches Kill You?

Intro Video - Backtobirds
Intro Video - Backtobirds

Yes, an ostrich can kill a human, even a lion! To know why, first, you must understand the bird. Well, it is the tallest and the heaviest bird, though it cannot fly. It runs. Ostriches are known for the strong legs and dusty feathers.

They can be found in Africa; thus, the environment is a crucial factor for such an appearance of ostriches. These birds are up to 9 feet long with a long neck and weigh more than 150 kilograms. Their strong legs have two-toed feet with sharp claws.

Generally, ostriches are shy. They lie on the ground and try to save themselves from the humans as they consider humans as predators. They also warn other grazing animals of the potential predators, such as approaching lions with their chirping. 

If you provoke the bird, they start running. With their strong legs, they can cover a distance of up to 16 feet in a single stride. So, you can forget the idea of outrunning an ostrich.

They run at a speed of 30 miles per hour which may go up to 45 miles per hour. Their strong legs can kick you like a small football, and it can kill you as well.

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Can An Ostrich Hurt You?

Yes. Even if you have a pet ostrich, which is rarer than a rare possibility, there is a chance that they will be frightened very easily. Ostriches are not very intellectual birds. If they feel any stress, pain, or threat, they will react, and they can hurt you.

In order to save yourself from an ostrich, watch them from a distance as it is not possible to gauge their mood in this way. They may not have a brain like humans, but they definitely have two strong legs, and ostriches know how to use their legs when it’s time.

Are Ostriches Aggressive?

It depends. Until they are provoked, ostriches are shy birds. They can be aggressive during the breeding season, though. Usually, the ostriches move in a group called “herd”. It contains a dozen birds. A male and a female ostrich head the pack. 

The female can have only one partner, while the male can mate several females at a time. The male ostriches struggle for the attention of female ostriches. It can make them aggressive, and human intervention at such times can lead to an accident.

Final Words

These birds are African natives. They live in the wild, in deserts, and are not in the habit of human encounters on a daily basis. If you stay away from them and don’t provoke them, there is a greater possibility that you won’t have to ask if ostriches can kill a human. Remember, they definitely can.

Related Questions:

Do Ostriches hide their heads in the sand due to approaching danger?

No, it is a myth. Ostriches are large birds with long necks. They live in African desert areas. As they feel danger, they lie down on the ground in an attempt to become less visible to the predator.

Their color blends with the sandy ground, and it looks like they have buried their heads which is not true at all. Yes, they do hide their eggs in the sand, using it as a nest.

Can you escape an ostrich attack?

It is advisable that you maintain your distance from an ostrich but if you still come across an angry ostrich, follow these tips-

  • First of all, try to be invisible to the ostrich. Hide behind an object such as a car or a large cover.
  • If there is no hiding place, find an elevated place and climb up. Ostriches cannot fly.
  • If you see any thorn bushes, dive into them. It is better to be pricked a little than to have its long and sharp claws killing you. The ostrich will go away, trying to protect itself from thorns.
  • If you think you can fight the ostrich, you must be very brave. Find a large weapon to keep a good distance between you two.
  • Stay on the side of the ostrich and try to hit its neck and legs. They bend their legs to the front.
  • The best way is to keep your distance and run away as soon as you see an ostrich whose mood seems spoiled.
  • Act dead. This is the last resort. Lie down and cover your head. The ostrich will play with you a bit and then go away.

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