Are Peacocks Aggressive And Dangerous? Will They Bite And Hurt You?

If you have ever seen a peacock, you have no doubt fallen in love with its beautiful colors, majestic ways, and its unique tail feathers. You might have thought about getting closer to these birds, perhaps feeding them. 

Before you approach a peacock, you must understand how it may react and whether or not the birds are friendly. So let’s answer these questions in depth. 

Are peacocks dangerous?

If you’ve ever seen a peacock up close, you’ll know that the birds are easily almost 4 and maybe even up to 5 feet tall. 

These birds can reach up to 6 feet in length due to their long tail feathers. They have a sharp, pointed beak and long, curved talons. They can weigh up to 6 kg (13 lbs). 

So, if a peacock was to attack you, it is safe to say that it would be very difficult to get away unharmed. 

Are peacocks aggressive to humans? Should you be fearful of them?

Peacocks are not aggressive to humans for no reason. They are generally calm around humans and do not attack. They are even known to eat from peoples’ hands. But, it is not wise to let your guard down and approach these birds.

There have been many incidents of peacocks pecking and attacking humans. They can be aggressive and inflict severe injuries. 

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Do peacocks bite or hurt humans?

Peacocks do not have teeth, so they can not bite anyone. However, they are capable of hurting humans. Peacocks are large birds with sharp beaks and talons.

If a peacock attacks a human, it will use its sharp beak to repeatedly peck the person. This will hurt and may draw blood as well. A peacock can also scratch a human with its claws. 

There have been many instances of peacocks pecking children in zoos and such places. The cuts caused by the pecking are deep and often require stitches. 

Can peacocks kill humans? Has a peacock ever killed anyone?

Peacocks killing humans is very rare. There has been only one reported case of a peacock killing a man. The peacock attacked the man and pecked him repeatedly. The man later fell into a coma and died. 

This is, however, an isolated incident. Peacocks do not usually kill humans. 

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How friendly are peacocks?

Peacocks are believed to be gentle and friendly birds but this is not completely true. Though domestic birds or those raised in captivity do allow humans to touch them and feed them, peacocks have strong instincts.

They are not the most friendly and if they feel threatened at all, they can become aggressive. 

Peacock behaviour with humans and in general:

Peafowls are incredibly territorial birds. They will do anything to protect their territory. They tend to pick fights often with other members of their species. 

It can even go as far as if a peacock sees its reflection in a car or other metal surface, it might attack the reflection, believing it to be another bird.

People often believe the misconception that peacocks are friendly and try to get closer to these magnificent birds. This might make the peacock feel threatened. In this case, it will attack the person.

Peafowls become much more aggressive during mating season. When a peacock is courting a female, you should stay away or it may perceive you as a threat. 

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Are female peacocks aggressive?

Yes, female peacocks or peahens are also aggressive. These birds are especially very aggressive when they have eggs in their nests. If you approach their nest, the peahen will likely attack you with all its might.

This is the motherly and protective instinct of the bird to protect its offspring. 

How to tell if a peacock is about to attack:

To avoid getting attacked by a peacock, it may help if you know the signs. When a peacock is about to attack, it shows particular traits.

If a peafowl is preparing to attack, you may notice it tilt its head and start moving slowly towards you. 

The bird might start growling in a low tone and start flustering its feathers. If it’s close enough, it might start running towards you and jump on you.

The best thing to do when you see these signs is to slowly back away. Don’t turn around, as the bird may jump on you from behind, and do not run as it may agitate the bird even further. 

Risks of having peafowl as pets:

When you see a peacock, you might wonder how cool it would be to own one of these birds. Peacocks are easier to keep as pets than birds like geese. Geese are much more aggressive. 

People do keep peacocks as pets, but these birds are not meant to be domesticated. They can not be trained. You will have to live with their wild instincts. 

Additionally, you will notice that they don’t have feelings of obligation and loyalty. That means that if your neighbor gives them better food and shelter, your peacocks will probably prefer your neighbor over you.

To raise peafowl, you will need a large area of land and a warm climate. They also require meticulous care like frequent deworming. 

Keeping peacocks as pets is also illegal in some parts of the world like India. Some countries like India.

Are peacocks aggressive to chickens, dogs, cats, etc?

Generally, peacocks are not aggressive toward other animals like chickens, dogs, and cats. 

However, if any of these animals encroach the territory of a peacock or annoy a peacock, a peacock may attack the animal.

This said it is best to keep dogs away from peacocks as they might chase and aggravate them. 

Small animals like puppies, chicks, and kittens are playful and inquisitive and might go near a peacock. This might prompt the peacock to attack the baby animal. 

You should also keep cats away from baby peafowl because a cat can easily attack, kill and eat the baby bird. 

Other domestic animals like sheep, horses, and goats are safe to keep around peacocks.

Wrapping up:

The graceful demeanor of peacocks might give you the impression that they are docile birds and that it is okay to approach them. That is not true. 

Peacocks are highly territorial birds. If you get too close to them, they may become uncomfortable and attack you. They have a sharp beak and pointy talons. 

That means that a peacock attack will hurt and draw blood. Injuries may require stitches and hospitalization. 

The best way to stay safe is to know the indicators of an aggressive peacock and to choose to keep a safe distance from them.