Do Birds Have Good Eyesight! The Real Case Of Their Vision.

Do Birds Have Good Eyesight

Scientists say that birds have the most powerful eyesight among animals, humans, and birds.  Since the evolution of the birds, their strong eyesight has helped them a lot to evolve and make it through the physical world, which is full of dangers for them.  Some birds can spot their prey from miles away. But what … Read more

Do Owls Have Eyeballs?

Do Owls Have Eyeballs

The Big-eyed Owls are an intelligent and intriguing avian species that attract birders’ attention and curiosity with their nocturnal existence and behavior. From Halloween festivals to horror films, owls have been considered symbols of the occult and mythology for years. Owls are associated with evil omens, witchcraft, and shamans in many human clusters because of … Read more

Do Crows Eat Snakes? Is It Safe For Them?

Do crows eat snakes

Crows are intriguing birds that are often talked about when snakes are the topic of conversation. This is because both the crows and snakes mostly share the same territory and thus, often encounter each other.  Even many times it has been discovered that both the creatures assume each other as their prey. I came to … Read more

Do Flamingos Eat Fish? Facts About Fish And Flamingos

Do flamingos eat fish

Flamingos are stunning birds with striking pink plumage and long curved beaks. They are usually found wading in shallow water in flocks with anywhere between a few dozen and a few thousand birds.  Since they spend a large part of their time in and around water, it is safe to assume that they find their … Read more