6 Best Pet Duck Breeds | What Breed Of Ducks Makes The Best Pet?

Ducks are raised for various purposes including egg production, meat, conservation, and even exhibition. Apart from all of these purposes, these birds are extremely popular as pets. 

Intro Video - Backtobirds
Intro Video - Backtobirds

With various breeds of ducks, it becomes quite a task to find out the best pet duck breed. However, it’s not that difficult if you know what exactly you want in your pet.

To make it easy for you, I have compiled a list of the best pet duck breeds based on their temperament, physical appearance, noise level, needs, and other characteristics that will impact your living as a pet duck owner.  

Best pet duck breeds | What breed of ducks makes the best pet?

There are various breeds of ducks that are considered great pets. Below is a list of the duck breeds that make the best pets.

1. Pekins

Pekins, a gorgeous white duck breed with orange toes and shanks, tops the list of the best pet duck breeds because of various reasons. But the main amongst all is their personality traits. These ducks are calm, gentle, friendly, and attractive. 

They have a relaxed temperament, so they don’t become irritated when they get picked or caressed. Pekins can be a little noisy so, those who live in suburban areas might have to adjust in this case. But overall they are a great pet breed.

The ducks make an excellent companion to children, but the only problem that occurs is they are too heavy for them. However, they love large grounds to explore and roam, so your kid can still enjoy playing with them. 

Some other facts related to Pekins are:

  • These birds are easy to raise as they have a strong immune system. Also, they are capable of surviving in extreme conditions.
  • Pekins live up to 12 years, so keeping them as pets is a long time commitment.
  • They are unable to fly hence, you do not need to worry about keeping them out of the cage.
  • The birds are famous for their rapid development. 

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2. Welsh Harlequins

One of the most famous duck breeds for vivid plumage and egg production, Welsh Harlequin ducks are also excellent pets. They are extremely calm and have a cool tranquil nature. These ducks are capable of surviving in both heat and cold. Also, the birds are not easily alarmed. 

Weighing about 4 to 5 pounds, these ducks are lightweight and thus, can easily be carried by children. Welsh Harlequins are beautiful ducks with black bills, white plumage mixed with black, khaki, and green hues.

The birds enjoy human company and may even approach them to interact. Those who own this breed of ducks find them an extremely entertaining breed with a great personality.

Some other facts about Welsh Harlequins are:

  • They are poor fliers, so they can be kept out of their cage and allowed to forage in your backyard without getting worried about them flying away.
  • Males have a high libido, thus breeding occurs effortlessly. So, they are a good choice if you would like to increase these duck members in your family.  

3. Cayuga

Cayuga is a medium-sized duck breed, famous for its unique iridescent plumage of green hues.

The color of their feathers appears different in sunlight, usually purple, black, and green. These are wonderful birds that as pets can make your backyard look more attractive. 

They make their spot on the list of top pet duck breeds because of their extremely quiet nature. The ducks do not produce loud noises, making them idle pets in suburban areas. Also, these ducks are sturdy and easy to tame. 

Cayugas are obedient and active ducks. They love foraging, and thus, can satisfy their hunger themselves if set free on a large ground. But even if you have little space to provide, the ducks live happily. 

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Some other facts about Cayuga ducks are:

  • Feeding Cayuga ducks are not that difficult as they majorly gain nutrition from snails, slugs, and other insects. 
  • They are quite heavy, so they can’t be carried by children.
  • Cayugas are a rare conservation breed hence, can be harder to find. But this pet duck breed is worth the effort.
  • These are hardy birds, thus can easily survive in cold weather.  

4. Rouen 

Originated in France, Rouen is one of the duck breeds that are bred for companionship. They also are ornamental birds.

So, these ducks as pets will not only be your companion but also offer you a beautiful view. On top of it, they are very calm, making them even more idle pets.

The ducks look similar to mallards but they weigh more than them. Thus, you don’t have to worry about their clipping wings; the ducks are too large to fly.  Friendly, quiet, and sociable, this duck breed is loved by people of all age groups.

Some of the other facts about Rouen are:

  • Rouens will not only be great pets but will also help in controlling insects around your property as they are excellent at foraging. 
  • The ducks are common and thus, can easily be found and bought at reasonable prices.  

5. Swedish

Swedish ducks are decent layers but one of the best pet duck breeds. With slate bills and white bibs, they are extremely attractive ducks that are quite famous for exhibition. Also, the ducks, especially the males, are calm, hardy, and a great addition to the flock.  

Swedish ducks are rare and so, when they are kept as pets, they are not only being conserved but also are considered as a great pet breed which they completely deserve. 

Some of the other facts about Swedish ducks are:

  • The Swedish duck breed is an exceptionally low-maintenance pet breed, making it an idle choice for beginner pet owners.
  • The ducks weigh around 5 to 6.5 pounds which is too heavy for a duck to fly.

6. Call 

A petite-sized duck breed, Call ducks are popular as pets due to their likable personality traits. The ducks are calm, playful, and friendly. Their happy, approachable, and energetic nature is infectious enough to make them your playmate. 

Due to their small size, the ducks do not need much space. Great pets for kids, Call ducks are an idle pet breed for small families that do not have large open spaces to provide their pets. 

The birds are usually available in multiple colors, but the most common are white and gray. The call of these ducks is so loud that they were originally bred for attracting wild ducks through their calls for hunting. However, now they are just raised as pets. 

Some other facts about Call ducks are:

  • The birds are noisy, so only consider keeping them as pets if you don’t live in a noise restricted area.
  • These are exhibition birds and so, make an awesome addition to your backyard. 


Adding a new pet requires careful consideration of what important aspects will fit best in your lifestyle.

Hopefully, our list helps you find out the right pet duck breed that will fit into our family and flock in the best way.