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Around the world, avian nutrition is constantly evolving due to the awareness of pet birds’ optimal nutritional diet requirements. Wild birds spend much time foraging their food to attain their nutrition level.  Birds need complex and balanced diet requirements, according to their various types. Many experience health issues due to nutrient deficiencies. 

Intro Video - Backtobirds
Intro Video - Backtobirds

Are you researching what kind of feed would be good for the optimal growth of your birds? There are formulated pellets that contain all the balanced ratios of nutrients ingredients such as correct fat content, minerals, and vitamins into a single unit to keep birds healthy. 

Pellet-based birds feed nourishes granivorous, tame, and farm birds such as pigeons, budgerigars, chickens, and cockatiels than seed mixed feed. When comparing pellets and seed-mixes, avian veterinarians found unbalanced nutrients and deficiencies diet in seed-mixes.

Most avian veterinarians prefer pellets for pigeons and other pet birds to get calcium, sodium, phosphorus, and other vitamins. Seeds contain high fat, inappropriate ratios, and quantities of seed-only diet that can lead to liver and reproductive disorders in birds.

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You have to find high-quality bird pellet brands which do not contain health deterioration factors like artificial colors or other unhealthy ingredients.

How do you choose quality bird pellets?

There are many existing pellets formulations for performance birds, breeding birds, and resting birds. The avian species are not very picky about the food they eat. Higher quality vegetables, seeds, and other minerals provide balanced nutrition for healthy flocks making them more attracted to the food.

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Ensure to choose a commercial brand that has a high value of nutrients and superior quality to enrich your bird’s body as: 

Mixing proportions:

Choosing pellets should contain different natural seeds, grains, millets, vitamin B12 supplements, brewers dried yeast, green vegetables, and other high-quality ingredients with no artificial flavors or colors.


Ensure all ingredients are fortified with chelated minerals, vitamins, omega-3 fatty acid, and naturally preserved for ideal freshness. The elements should not be treated with insecticides or pesticides that can cause toxicity to your birds. Also, check the proportions of each ingredient that blend for a perfect quantity.


Buy a proper amount of pellets to use, don’t buy pellets in bulk quantities favoring a lower price. There are high chances that it might staple or get spoiled.


Higher quality pellets are often packed in coated paper bags with easy-to-open tabs or resealable tightly closed zips. Make sure to store in a cool and dry area after each use to avoid moisture.


If the bird pellets seem to be at higher prices, not ensuring high-quality nuggets,  you can always settle for the products that are on sale to lower your expenses of maintaining birds. But make sure you don’t compromise on the quality of nutrition that you are feeding to them.

How do you choose commercial pellets for pigeons?

Pigeons are natural seed-eaters. Their diet contains wholesome corn, barley, wheat, cereals, and other seeds for healthy growth. 

Pigeon feeders feed appropriately sized portions of fresh food for pigeons in the early morning, the birds eaten by sunset. If your pigeons are left with a lot of food, there are chances of being overfed. They might gorge on their high-fat seed rather than getting a balanced nutrient diet. So, feeding pellets in a regular amount enhances your pigeon growth, reduces seed throwing, and simplifies the cleaning process.

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First of all, check whether the brand contains any artificial ingredients, fat, and colors bad for pigeons’ health. The pellet should contain high-protein, fiber and be rich in sulfur which helps pigeons during molting.

A formulated commercial pigeon diet should contain mixed grains, seeds, green vegetables, and other nutrient-rich ingredients with yeast plus minerals and vitamins. Formulated pellets help birds to maintain health in all life cycles, such as resting and breeding processes.

Pigeons are subjected to calcium deficiency from seed-only diets. In an entire balanced diet, seeds should occupy only 50% of the portion with high fatty acids and are harmful to skin growth. It’s better to feed pellets to hand-raised pigeons.

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What are the best bird pellet products available on the market?

The Market has undoubtedly various products, ranging enough to capture one’s attention – by color, varieties, and types. Here is a small compilation of the excellent quality bird pellets and their comparisons for easy comprehension. 

Vita Sunscript dove & pigeon

  • Vita Sunscript dove & pigeon is a formulated delicious foraging diet fortified with rich chelated minerals, probiotics, omega fatty acids, and vitamins.
  • This bird food is made from a blend of seeds, grains, and vegetables to meet a balanced and nutritional diet.
  • This excellent bird feed contains wholesome ingredients like milo, oat groats, white millet, split green peas mixed with fortified nutrients to support speedy bird growth.
  • With Vita sunscript manufactured by the sunseed company, a pigeon and dove fancier can get a hundred percent satisfaction of providing nutrient-rich feed for their pet birds.
  • The omega fatty acids and other minerals help pet pigeons to get shiny and robust skin and feathers.

Kaytee Supreme Parakeet food

  • Kaytee supreme parakeet food contains wholesome ingredients of high-quality blend with nutrients to provide a balanced diet to pet birds. 
  • Kaytee Supreme Parakeet food consists of all-natural fiber, proteins, oils, and whole-grain nutrients needed for the birds to stay healthy. 
  • This blend ensures a balanced diet, and a supreme selection of high-quality grains, seeds, and pellets helps pet birds get enriched nutritious food every day. 
  • Kaytee food undergoes highly palatable treatment. 
  • Just 1 to 3 tablespoons of parakeet feeding are enough to keep pet birds healthy, providing enough love and care they require.
  • Kaytee helps bird feeders to understand the importance of nutrient-rich content feed in pets ‘ long and healthy lives and aids in bonding and playtime with birds. 

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Manna pro-organic layer feed

  • Manna pro-organic layer feed is produced to enrich proteins and not contain artificial colors, pesticides, genetically modified ingredients, or medications. 
  • High protein is the primary source and building block that helps hens gain weight, muscle development and produce eggs.
  • The organic layer feed has ideal nutrition quantities that ensure a natural and happy, productive flock. 
  • As poultry hens grow, their nutritional needs and diet will change from 16 weeks or older.  
  • An organic layer is formulated to nurture your hens and support them to stay healthy and produce eggs.
  • It’s generally recommended to feed hens at the beginning of onset to lay eggs. 

Kaytee bird seed nuts and blends

  • The main ingredients are omega 3’s to support birds’ brain system and heart and enhance parrots’ healthy plumage. 
  • Each pellet nugget contains enriched nutrition that ensures birds get a perfectly balanced diet to produce feathering, vibrant colors and maintain a healthy body. 

Kaytee Exact hand-feed for baby birds

  • Mostly hand-fed baby birds make fantastic, affectionate, and loving companions.
  • Balanced high-nutrient Kaytee Exact hand-feed is manufactured to help baby birds to grow healthy, wean earlier and develop vibrant, strong feathers. 
  • The digestive enzymes present in the feed ensure adequate digestion of proteins and carbohydrates and help babies relieve digestive problems during weaning. 
CharacteristicVita subscription dove & pigeonKaytee Supreme Parakeet foodManna pro-organic layer feedKaytee bird seed nuts and blendsKaytee Exact hand-feed for baby birds
Can be fed toSpecially formulated and manufactured for pigeons and doves Canary, parrot, dove, cockatiel, and Finch pet birds.Exclusively manufactured for matured poultry hens and chickens.A premium extruded food exclusively provided for conures and parrotsformulated for baby parrots and passerines
Composed proteins and vitamins supportForaging food supports the skin, feathers, and digestive track growth of a bird. Millets from the natural stem encourage weaning and birds to eat.Certified organic food and contains nutrients that help hens lay eggs.The prebiotics and probiotics in the pellets support a healthy digestive system. Probiotics enhance the digestive tract by increasing the population of intestinal microorganisms.
Contains artificial colors and ingredientsThis feed doesn’t contain artificial colors or flavors, which affects birds’ health.No No, processed with natural ingredientsThe rainbow nuggets are consumable and do not contain artificial colors, seed hulls, or shells.No
Cost Budget-friendly and loved by pigeons fancierLess expensive bird feedMost of the poultry owners use this feed to get large eggsBudget-friendlyBudget-friendly

Bird pellets cost a lot, and it might even seem like an extravaganza often. But, they supplement the birds with all the nutrients required for their well-being and healthy living. It is okay for you to choose among which one to give them and which do not. Choose wisely and take the necessary action for their survival.

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