Black and White Pigeon Breeds | Comprehensive List Of Interesting Breeds

With numerous breeds, Pigeon is one of the widest bird families. 

Their breeds are different from each other in several ways including their uses, personality traits, and appearances. 

However, various pigeon breeds share similar color combinations including black and white. 

To help you know about black and white pigeon breeds below is a compilation of detailed information about the same. 

Black and white pigeon breed

One of the most beautiful color combinations in birds is undoubtedly black and white. 

Pigeons are one of the birds that are majorly found to have the same combination in many of their breeds.

Here is a comprehensive list of all the interesting breeds that are black and white.

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1. Galatz Roller Pigeons

One of the most popular domestic pigeon breeds for performing acrobats in mid-air, Galatz roller pigeons originated from Galati County of Romania and are found in the rest of Europe, especially the Netherland, Germany, and Belgium.

This small-sized pigeon breed has a round breast and head, a short neck, and small legs. They come in varied color combinations, including black white-flight-pied, the most common among all.

Their ability to perform acrobats like back somersaults, pirouettes, and screws in the air makes them unique and special from other breeds. Fanciers train these pigeons and then participate in different contests to show their birds’ talent. Also, the birds are excellent fliers. 

2. Fantail Pigeons

The Fantail pigeon is one of the oldest pigeon breeds that originated from Asia. The feature that makes these pigeons special is their tail feathers which are four times more than those found in normal pigeons. These feathers create a fan-like effect. 

The birds are of medium size and come in various colors and varieties. The black and white fantail pigeons are completely white except for the black tail feathers. The combination of their body hues makes the birds even more charming. 

The birds are mainly bred for show purposes but they also make wonderful pets. They are easy to raise and do not require special care. So, the birds are a complete package of exotic beauty, amazing companions, and budget-friendly pets. 

3. Chinese Own Pigeons

The name of the Chinese owl pigeons suggests their origin from China but this isn’t true. Rather, the bird originated from India and Spain. These domesticated birds are the descendants of feral rock pigeons.

The owl in their name is because of the rounded head and small beak that make them appear similar to the owls. But the size of birds is much smaller than owls and also, they have wonderful frilled feathers. 

Chinese owl pigeons come in various colors other than black and white. Some of them are blue, gray, brown, etc. These birds are bred for show and ornamental purposes.

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4. Nun Pigeons

These birds are not only popular for their gorgeous white and black body but also their distinctive appearance and nun-shaped head. Due to their exotic look, the birds are famous show birds around the world. 

These petite birds are considered as one of the oldest birds. The unique feature of nun pigeons is the upturned feathers on their body that make them so good-looking. Other than being beautiful, the birds are docile, friendly, easy to care for, and tame.

Also known as Dutch Shell pigeons, nun pigeons are bred massively for exhibition purposes. Other than that, people also love to keep them as pets. 

5. Satinette Pigeon

Also called old-fashioned frill pigeons, Satinette pigeons belong to the family of owls. The birds have a history of being developed for only Turkish sultans and empires. However, in today’s era, they are popular around the world for their majestic appearance and elegant looks.

The birds are small to medium size with typical features such as peak crest, breast frill, grouse muffs, and a medium thick beak. They are shield-marked birds having white bars on the shield and moon spots on the tail. 

These show and ornamental birds are great pets as well. They are sweet, calm, affectionate, and obedient birds that will always be on your side. 

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6. Damascene Pigeons

Popular as among the oldest birds, Damascene pigeons are fancy birds with striking characteristics and appearances. The birds are not only good-looking but also intelligent and strong. They are believed to have originated from Damascus, Syria.

These birds are entirely white with black wing bars and tail tips. This black and white bird breed do not commonly come in other hues. The birds may also have a short layer of feathers on their legs but breeders mostly prefer clean legs. 

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The outstanding features of Damascene pigeons are their bright eyes and the dark plum eye ceres. These birds are also great at flying and parenting.   

In Europe, these birds are generally bred for utility purposes. However, in many other parts of the world, they are considered a show pigeon breed. They are long-lived pigeons with a lifespan of about 10 years. 

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7. English Trumpeter Pigeons

One of the most ornamental fancy pigeon breeds, English trumpeters are known for their large-sized muffs on their feet which make them distinct from others. They also have a crest and tuft that make their appearance even more fascinating and unique.

They are not only displayed in exhibitions but people also love to keep them as pets. 

The bird comes in various colors, categorized under self, baldhead, and splash. However, the black and white combination is the prominent one. 

Apart from their beauty, the birds are adored for their behavior as they are calm, easy to care for, and friendly. One of the things that the bird lacks is the ability to fly. Also, they can be shy and lazy. 

8. German Modena Pigeons

As the name suggests, this pigeon breed originated from Modena, Italy but later came to Germany. The other names of the bird are Modena Type Allemand, Modenese Tedesco, and Deutsche Modeneser. 

They are similar to chicken or hen but their size is much smaller. These birds have rounded and broad bodies, long legs, and long necks. The color of their eyes is a shade of orange-red. Whereas, the color of their body is commonly black and white.

German Modena pigeons are attractive, easy to breed, and far less problematic than the English modena pigeons. They are mainly used for utility purposes but are also good show birds and pets.

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9. Magpie

A Small-sized pigeon breed, Magpie Pigeons belong to the ancient tumbler pigeon varieties. They are commonly found in England and several parts of America. The breed is even referred to as the “queen of the pigeons” in England. 

The bird has a slender body that appears to stand erect because of its straight back.

The head, neck, breast, saddle, tail, and back is in black with an iridescent, metallic luster. The remaining body is white. 

The most sought-out ones are often black magpies, but they are also found in other colors such as Blue, Dun, Silver, Yellow, etc. Magpie Pigeons breed well and are also great parents. 

10. Monk pigeon

The Monk pigeon occurs both feathery and cleaned legged. These fancy birds are named monks because of their white, smooth heads and short legs. The birds are medium-sized with dark eyes and long beaks of flesh color. 

The bird comes in various colors including, blue, black, red, yellow, and silver with white spangles or bars. These attractive birds are used for show purposes but they are also good ornamental birds. 

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Many people adore pigeons, especially the fancy ones, for their ecstatic appearance and color combinations that make them attractive. Black and white is one such combination that is owned by many pigeon breeds.

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