Blindness In Birds | Causes & Reasons | How Do You Raise And Care For Blind Birds?

Animals and birds in the wild are hugely dependent on their sense organs for survival. 

Intro Video - Backtobirds
Intro Video - Backtobirds

One of the most important sense organs for all animals is the eye. It makes them capable of scanning their surrounding for literally everything,

A bird is remarkably dependent on her eyes. Shelter, protection, search for food,  sensing your surroundings, and a lot more are assisted with the help of eyes. It becomes extremely tough for birds to survive without sight.

Your pet birds can go through blindness and it becomes extremely difficult for them to carry out their day-to-day activities. 

A lot of care and attention is needed to assist blind birds in domestication.

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Is blindness present from birth in birds?

Yes, some birds are blind from birth. This happens in very few cases. A bird can be born blind due to several reasons. One of the reasons is premature birds.

In premature births of birds or early hatching of eggs, the bird’s body is not fully developed. The baby bird hardly survives its initial days.

Genetic malfunctions or absence can also cause blindness in birds from birth. In many birds, blindness is observed when they are born and the major reason for this is genetic.

Your birds can go through blindness during their lifetime as well. In case of blindness, your birds will start seeing their surroundings and will act differently. 

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How can you detect blindness in your birds?

It is hard to detect if your birds are going through blindness. 

One reason is that birds have a good memory and they can continue eating and drinking with the help of their memory. You need to be extra careful to detect some of the signs of blindness in your birds.

Most birds became inactive or depressed in case of blindness. It comes as a surprise to all birds. They are not able to digest the abrupt change and the vibrant and colorful surroundings are no longer visible to them. 

Birds will start moving and acting. Your pet birds will become inactive as they are isolated from the visual world. 

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If you notice inactivity or depressed behavior in your birds, there are chances that your bird is suffering from depression.

Some birds will stop eating and will not touch the food. You may notice birds losing weight drastically and not eating or drinking as expected. 

In the case of blindness, the appetite can decrease drastically leading to severe weight loss and weakness.

In some cases of blindness, you can observe the shedding of feathers in birds. Many birds will sit down and start shedding feathers in case of blindness.

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In case of blindness, you might observe redness of the eyes. Birds try to pressurize the eye muscles to focus in case of blurred or no vision. This causes a lot of irritation and redness in their eyes.

Some birds might try to get a picture of things in case of partial blindness. You can observe the constant blinking of eyes in case of partial blindness. 

Eyes often get swelled up or become thick if the bird is going through the loss of vision. In many cases, you will observe yellowish patches around the eyes in some birds.

Another potent sign of blindness in birds is the presence of liquid in the eyes. A blind eye can produce some kind of liquid that comes out through the bird’s eye.

Note: These all are some of the important signs that can give you a clue that your bird is suffering from complete or partial blindness. It is recommended to take your birds to a vet if you observe any signs and symptoms of blindness.

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Do Birds go through Complete Blindness?

Yes, most of the time birds are blind completely and they cannot see anything in their surroundings. They act and perform some tasks with the help of prior memories and other senses.

You can also observe partial or half-blind birds on your farms. Partial blindness is observed in the starting. If untreated it may escalate to complete blindness. A cataract is one of the major causes of partial blindness in birds.

Note: Often partial blindness is observed in starting. If you can detect partial blindness in your birds, it may help you to overcome the blindness in some cases. In case of any signs/symptoms of partial blindness taking your bird to medical experts can save her from blindness.

Is Blindness in Birds curable?

In major cases of complete blindness, there are very few chances that the bird can see again. 

Blindness in birds is very hard to cure. Birds with blindness live their entire lives without being able to see things and die with blindness.

Cataract in birds is curable if detected in the early stages. It is a covering over the eyes of the birds that blurs their vision. It covers the entire eye progressively and makes it extremely tough for the bird to see things.

If treated properly the layer of cataract can be removed surgically and enable the bird to see things clearly.

Other types of blindness that do not involve the damaging of the eye nerve might be cured with surgery and medications. 

Their probability that your bird can see again is very few but the right assistance at right time can help to improve her sight.

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How Can I Take Care of my Blind Bird?

Blind birds are helpless creatures and need assistance in a lot of things. You can take care of your beautiful blind birds by ensuring that they are able to eat food and drink plenty of water.

Birds with blindness do not move easily and it is difficult for them to find the feeder and drinker on the farm. 

You can pick the bird gently and place it near the feeders and drinkers. On the initial day assisting the bird to eat and drink will develop motor habits and allow it to eat.

You can keep separate vessels for your blind birds near them. People often isolate blind birds to small areas and keep food and water near them. It becomes easy for the birds to eat and drink in an isolated area.

Isolation also saves these birds from accidentally colliding with other birds. If left with other birds, there are high chances that other birds will hurt the bird.

You need to take blind birds to medical checkups on a regular basis. It is your duty to ensure all medications are given to the birds for ensuring healthy recovery and good health.

Apart from setting ideal conditions for your birds, you can help blind birds by ensuring that they become habitual in their daily tasks. 

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Taking extra care and aiding them to perform tasks, in the beginning, makes them self-dependent.

If your birds are showing other symptoms like depression or sickness due to blindness, you must ensure to take the bird to a vet. Some medications and antidepressants can enable the birds to have normalcy.

In the case of baby birds suffering from blindness, extra care and attention are required. You need to use droppers or cotton balls to feed baby birds with water and other essential liquids.

Ensure you break down food into small pieces so that blind baby birds can eat it properly. Giving packed baby bird food helps them to get proper nutrition and a healthy diet.

It is important for blind birds to enjoy sunlight and some open air for proper development. These birds cannot spot and go to open spaces by themselves. You can pick blind birds manually and help to receive good air and sunlight.

Living and surviving through hardships is the only solution for blind birds. Sometimes, it becomes extremely difficult for these small creatures to survive and perform mundane tasks.

If you observe extreme pain and helplessness you can think about performing euthanasia for your birds. It is not an easy option but can bring an end to the endless suffering of your loved creature.

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Can birds be born blind? Is blindness genetic?

Yes, many birds are born blind. From their initial days, they are not able to see or observe anything. 

Many birds are blind due to genetic reasons. It is very common to observe no vision due to genetics.

What birds are blind?

Blindness is not bird-specific and can be found in all types of wild and domestic birds. Common to exotic birds all suffer from blindness.

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Can blind birds survive?

Blind birds can survive with a little assistance from their owners. It is hard for blind wild birds to survive in the wild.

Can a bird fly if it’s blind?

Yes, it is possible for a bird to fly with blindness. Practically it is extremely dangerous for birds to fly in the open. Many birds isolate themselves and do not try to take a flight in blindness.

Can a bird survive with one eye?

Yes, it is possible for a bird to survive with a single eye. It is easier and more efficient for birds to survive with one eye as compared to complete blindness.

Are all birds colorblind?

No, all birds are not colorblind. Major birds are capable of noticing and remembering colors and shades of different types.

Are birds blind at night?

No, all birds are not blind at Night. Many birds like owls are efficient at night. 

Summing it up!

Blindness is one of the most dreaded things in birds and other animals. It shuts them off from the picturesque world and makes mundane tasks extremely difficult. 

Basic things required for survival like eating, drinking, and movement become challenging to them. 

A lot of blind birds hurt themselves unintentionally by colliding with unknown things. In the wild, it becomes extremely difficult for blind birds to protect themselves from predators. 

Many blind birds are killed by predators or tough weather conditions make things worse for them.

If you have blind pet birds. It is important to take extra care of them. Make sure these little creatures suffer as little as possible. Blindness in birds cannot go but some love and care can minimize the pain they suffer.