Can Birds Be Gay? Do Birds Show Homosexual Behavior?

Ever wondered that homosexuality is not limited to humans? Did you ever think that birds can be gay too? 

Yes. If you think that birds can also display homosexual behavior, you are right. 

Researches show that birds can be homosexual in courtship, sex, pair bonding, affection, and even parenthood.

Birds have been observed to have same-sex interactions. Birds of many species have been listed as homosexual, transgender, and gay. 

The sexualities of birds are not limited to only sex but also the development process of hatching. Same-sex birds can also choose for parenthood. 

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Which birds species are considered gay?

Ever since the research started on the sexuality of birds and documentation on their behavior towards their partners, several species of birds have been listed as homosexual, gay, or of other gender identities. 

Homosexual behavior among birds has come into existence since the research after 1990. 

Here is a list of birds that shows homosexual behavior-

  • American flamingo
  • Australian shelduck
  • Bank swallow
  • Bearded vulture
  • Black swan
  • Blue-winged teal
  • Calf bird
  • Chicken
  • Cliff swallow
  • Dusky moorhen
  • Elegant parrot
  • European jay
  • Gentoo penguin
  • Grey heron
  • House sparrow
  • Ivory gull
  • Lesser flamingo
  • Musk duck
  • Ostrich
  • Pigeon(domestic)
  • Pied kingfisher
  • Raven
  • Seagull
  • Snow goose
  • Wood duck
  • Zebra finch and many more.

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Do birds show homosexual behavior?

If you have ever seen a bird engaging in same-sex- sex or homosexual behavior, it is not different or rare.

Birds display homosexual behavior commonly, especially social birds. The researchers and observers have not completely understood the feelings, implications, and motivations for doing so. 

Birds being a part of nature, shows affection, love, and other interests as we humans do. Homosexuality is considered a completely normal occurrence among birds. 

Birds can display all forms of homosexuality behavior from mating games, copulation, sex display, and genital stimulation. 

How to know if my bird is gay?

Everyone may not know the same-sex relationships among birds, and thus, owners of birds have no clue that their pet bird can be homosexual. 

Most of the owners do not know about homosexuality among birds because of a lack of awareness and acceptance in society. 

There is no proven way to find out or know that a certain bird is gay except observing their relationship, whether sex, parenthood, or mating with other sex birds. 

If your bird is engaging in same-sex interaction either by choice or by captivating situations, the only way to find out is to observe. 

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What are the reasons behind birds being homosexual?

Like humans, we cannot completely understand why birds are homosexual, as gender is a complex phenomenon of nature whether birds that are gay are by choice or due to certain situations. 

The studies conducted by wildlife institutions and universities have found out why birds choose same-sex mates, sexual partners of co-parents. 

Exposed to mercury poisoning 

Studies and experiments suggest that birds with increased mercury levels have more tendency to show homosexual behavior. The same-sex birds can be seen behaving like-like a couple, performing copulation, staying together, or building nests. 

Mercury also affects the male-female couple of birds, the female bird’s tendency to reproduce was decreased by 35%. 

Responsibilities of parenting

Birds with less responsibility for parenting get more times to engage in homosexual behavior. 

Studies recorded 93 species in the wild that were gay and had fewer parenting responsibilities. The pairings were 38% female-female couples and 82% male-male couples engaging in interactions, coupling, sex, and parenting. 

General affection and strong bonds irrespective of the gender 

Like humans’ interests, love, and affection above sex and reproduction, birds also choose their partners based on the same patterns and interests. 

The reasons can be reduced social tension, easy forming alliances, and better courtship. 

Does gender matter for birds to choose a mate?

No, gender does not matter for gay birds while choosing a mate; under many circumstances and observance, it is seen that birds have same-sex mating relationships. 

The mating games displayed among birds can be because of pure affection, certain underlying reasons like captivity, or by choice among birds in the wild. 

Can birds reproduce through homosexual engagement?

Same-sex birds cannot reproduce while engaging in sexual engagements. Reproduction among birds needs a male and a female. 

Birds engaging in all kinds of same-sex are elaborate and are based on known but not completely understood reasons. 

However, nature works in the same way, and reproduction cannot happen between same-sex. 

Can birds that co-parent be gay?

We know that homosexual behavior among birds cannot lead to reproduction, but gay couples of birds can raise a young bird (of course, reproduced by another partner of the opposite sex). 

Male-male and female-female couples, besides sex and mating, also engage in homosexual activities because they want to co-parent together. 

Birds displaying homosexual behaviors like to build a nest together, take care of eggs together, and live in courtship.    

How often can you find a bird displaying homosexual behavior?

Today, 130 species of birds have been observed displaying homosexual behavior for several reasons. 

The frequency of birds engaging in same-sex increases with the decrease in parenting activities and increase in mating opportunities, situations like courtship delay or captivity which leads to same-sex relations. 

There is a good percentage of chance that you can come across birds that are homosexual and engage in all forms of same-sex interactions. 

Should I treat my gay bird differently? 

Unlike in the case of humans, some birds are not born this way(homosexual) situations and many factors play a role in the choice of birds to engage in same-sex relations. 

However, being an owner or anyone, you should treat a bird in a loving and caring manner irrespective of gender, mates, sexual choices

There are no such studies that show that gay bird needs extra care. You must take care of your pet birds the way they need because they, too, are living beings. 

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