Can Birds Eat Chocolate | How Much Chocolates Can They Eat?

Almost all of us love to eat chocolate in every form like Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, caramel chocolate, chocolate bars, chocolate cookies, etc. But you might not know that your bird doesn’t feel the same way about chocolate. Birds don’t eat chocolate, and it is not safe for birds as well. 

Can birds eat chocolate? If not, then why?

Birds can not eat chocolate. Chocolate is not safe at all for your bird to eat. In fact, chocolate is highly toxic for any bird. Even a small amount of chocolate can make your bird very sick. It can have many damaging effects when consumed.

Intro Video - Backtobirds
Intro Video - Backtobirds

Chocolate contains both Theobromine and Caffeine. Theobromine is too toxic to pets, and its effects can be especially adverse amongst birds because of its low body weight. Caffeine is also bad for any type of bird’s health, which causes vomiting, diarrhea, heart problems, and many more. Even in some cases, it also causes death in birds

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Can birds eat chocolate cake?

Birds can not eat chocolate cake. No matter how delicious it is, chocolate cake is very dangerous for birds’ health. So never offer chocolate cake to birds. 

Chocolate cake is dangerous to birds’ health for lots of reasons. There are too many ingredients like sugar, milk which are required for making a delicious chocolate cake, but those ingredients are not made to be consumed by birds. 

Even if you consider only sugar, then it’s not a good food to consume for your bird. Yes, sugar does not carry the nutrients which are required to boost a bird’s metabolism. So you should avoid huge amounts of sugar in your bird’s food. 

Milk is not necessarily toxic to the bird, but if your bird eats a product that contains a large amount of dairy, it can lead to lots of health issues, including digestive problems for your bird.

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How much chocolate can kill a bird? 

A small amount of chocolate, like less than 2gm of chocolate, is enough to kill a bird. 

According to “New Zealand Veterinary Journal ” – an article which was published in June 2007, if you’ve already fed your bird chocolate, then a couple of chocolate bites could’ve put your bird’s life in danger already. If any such mishaps haven’t happened yet, then here is why. 

Sometimes it depends upon what type of chocolate you fed to your bird. If it was milk chocolate, the average percentage of choco is small. So it’s less dangerous. But in case it was dark chocolate or high cocoa chocolate, the danger is much more severe. Generally, chocolate is a very bad choice for your pet bird- so, if you want to keep your birds well and healthy, do not give chocolate as well as any chocolate products.

Which birds can not eat chocolate? 

Every type of bird can not eat chocolate. 

Most people are aware that chocolate is very much toxic for any pet like dog, cat, etc., but they are not aware that it is also dangerous for birds. Chocolate should not be given to birds because it is not good for any type of bird’s health. It does not matter which bird species it is. 

Can Wild Birds Eat Chocolate?

They are also birds, and their digestive system is the same as your pet bird. Yes, they eat many different things in the wild but they are not ready for sugar or dairy. Natural sugar works differently. If you offer them chocolate, the wild birds won’t deny it, but you will be doing more harm than good.

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Can you feed chocolates to nestlings?

No, we can’t feed chocolates to nestlings. Babies are mostly given more care and protection for their healthy growth. Their immunity power is also low compared to others; that’s why, especially when we’re talking about food, we must be very sure and careful about it

Chocolate is a portion of delicious food, so nestlings usually love to eat chocolate, but it’s also dangerous for birds’ health. So you should not give chocolate and any chocolate products to nestlings. A small piece of chocolate can be the reason for a nestling’s death.

Finally, if you want to be concerned about the health of your pet bird and their nestlings also, you must avoid any type of chocolate product and feed them different types of healthy food only.

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But, My Bird Ate Chocolate And Is Still Good!

Many people don’t know that chocolate is toxic and share bits and pieces with their birds.

Later, when they find out about the toxic nature of chocolate, they claim that their bird is an exception as it is completely fine even after eating the chocolate.

Your bird may not get sick, and you are quite lucky, but you must know that you have put your bird at too much risk. When you think that your bird is completely fine, your bird may be struggling with a higher heart rate. Frequent chocolate feeding can kill a bird instantly if you don’t stop.

What About Food That Contains Very Little Cocoa?

Everything that contains cocoa is listed in the “prohibited food” column. Anything that has cocoa or chocolate as an ingredient is not for birds, and you must avoid feeding it at all times.

Even the slightest amount of chocolate can be life-threatening for birds. The ingredients used in a bakery or chocolate-induced product are sugar, dairy, artificial colors, or flavors not made for birds.

What If A Bird Accidentally Eats Chocolate?

If your bird accidentally eats chocolate, look at your bird closely if it shows any signs of illness. The early signs can be tremors and increased heart rate. Look for anything out of sorts.

You need not panic, but keep an eye on your bird for an hour or so. You can also call a vet and consult him. If you see any signs, better hurry to a vet’s clinic.

My Birds Love Chocolate. What To Do?

Just like dogs love tomatoes, which is highly toxic for them, your bird may fall in love with chocolate.

If you have a habit of sharing your snacks with them, they always look at you as you eat and ask for it. As you love your bird, you unwillingly share a few bits. If your pet begs for chocolate, deny them.

If you find it hard, better eat it in another room. You can also keep their favorite bird treats handy to offer them during such times. There are several bird-friendly foods you can give them as snacks.

Is Milk Toxic To Birds?

No, milk is not toxic to birds, but they find it hard to digest. They cannot digest lactose which is a primary component of milk. If you give anything to your bird that contains milk or other dairy products, monitor your bird carefully.


Not everything that humans can eat is edible for birds. They are different creatures.

If you want to feed a bird or keep them as a pet, it is essential that you first learn about caring for them and educate yourself.

Your ignorance can cost them their lives, which is as precious as a human’s.

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