Can Birds Eat Popcorn? Is It Safe To Feed Popcorn To Birds?

Popcorn is a favorite snack for every one of us, as it is easily digestible, tummy-filling, and has fewer calories.

But is it the same for everyone? is it the same for other species like birds and animals? 

The Avian species are social and can co-exist with humans without difficulty. Searching for food is never a big deal when they co-exist with humans in cities, as they can survive off with the leftovers and the feeds by people. 

Though the food will help them survive, getting a balanced meal is a rarity in cities. Birds, when subjected to junk in the cities, get affected by many unnamed diseases and things.

Moreover, urban cities are full of varied people who consume different types of foods. Therefore, people should know what kinds of food they can feed to the birds and other pet animals. 

Read on to know facts about feeding popcorn to pet birds. 

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What do birds eat in cities?

Birds in cities eat seed and pellet combinations, fruits, vegetables, nuts, dried worms, cracked corn, eggs, small fishes, and other available leftovers from home kitchens. 

Birds in cities are not a rare sight, as you can spot one anywhere, you turn to – parks, buildings, beaches, hotels, and whatnot. However, many types of birds peacefully co-exist with people in urban areas. 

Birds in cities feed on whatever food resources are readily available. Bird pet owners try to provide them with a nutritious mixed diet, including bird seeds, nuts, dried fruits, etc., as a balanced meal.

Birds eat foods also based on the type of beaks they possess. Birds with hooked beaks feed differently, while birds with straight beaks prefer to feed differently. 

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Can birds eat popcorn?

Yes, birds love to taste the plain, air-popped, or unpopped crunchy popcorn. Popcorn contains protein, vitamin B, iron, antioxidants, and fiber, good for the digestive tract and perfect nutrition feed for both pet and wild birds.

Popped popcorn delivers similar health benefits and nutrition as whole or cracked kernels in the birdseed mixes. They both taste amazing too. 

Avoid feeding highly seasoned microwave popcorn with salt, caramel, or artificial butter to the birds. The microwave popcorn contaminates monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat which decreases birds’ daily metabolisms. 

You can use vegetable oil to cook popcorn regularly to feed birds with no adverse effects for a healthy treat.

Is it safe to feed popcorn to the birds?

Popcorn can be added to your bird’s diet occasionally as a treat or snack. However, if you feed your birds only with popcorn, it will cause malnutrition and affect birds’ health.

Instead, use coconut oil or other vegetable oil to the season with popcorn to feed birds.

Even small amounts of movie popcorn are rich in sodium, salt, and calories which causes electrolyte and fluid imbalance in the bird’s body and causes dehydration, excessive thirst, kidney failure, nerve problems, and even death.

Can birds eat butter popcorn?

Pet owners can feed air-popped popcorn or lightly boiled corn to the pet or wild birds. But, unfortunately, the small birds have tiny and delicate digestive systems that cannot withstand the onslaught of rich lactose content and high-fat butter.

Butter popcorn causes digestive problems such as stomach upset, constipation, diarrhea, loss of appetite, and lethargy in birds.

In addition, high-fat and oily foods increase cholesterol deposits in birds’ bodies, prompting obesity and a higher risk of heart diseases.

Obesity prevents birds from doing their regular functions and flying activities and even causes death.

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Can birds eat junk food?

Junk food such as cheese puffs, pretzels, potato chips, pizza, bread, and other processed food items kill the good bacteria in the bird’s digestive system and affect their inner body parts.

Unhealthy food can lead to malnourishment and obesity that prevent birds from escaping from predators and loosening the ability to withstand poor weather conditions.

The processed food filled with artificial flavor, chemicals, and sweets provides less nutritional value to the birds and deteriorates their overall well-being.

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Can popcorn benefit birds’ health?

The popcorn kernels and dried corn are good for birds’ beaks because they break them apart and are a good source of essential nutrition. 

The plain air-popped popcorn contains digestive carbohydrates, low calorie, and sugar content, minerals like iron and calcium, which benefit the healthy body.

The calcium in plain popcorn promotes strong bones and helps to maintain healthy plumage and tail wings. The mineral calcium also helps to keep birds’ reproductive organs healthy and aids blood clotting.

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The iron helps to increase hemoglobin production and also helps to carry oxygen throughout their body’s bloodstream.

On the other hand, too Much mineral deposit deteriorates your pet bird’s body, and make sure to feed the right amount of minerals and additional nutritional value.

Any food, when taken in moderation, will benefit the birds’ species. On the other hand, too much food can always make the birds obese and malnourished.

So keep the above points in mind before throwing your popcorn leftovers to the birds.

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