Can Budgies Eat Cheese? Is Cheese Good For Budgies?

Bird nutrition is constantly evolving. Due to the rising awareness and the importance of feeding them the right nutritional needs, bird pet owners are taking a keen interest. However, the majority of the budgie owners are found feeding scrap food which all the time is not right.

Most of the dairy products are not suitable for budgies. As they have lots of fats. Dairy products should be avoided or can be given occasionally in moderation as budgies are lactose-intolerant.

Is Cheese Good For Budgies?

There are certain food items that you should avoid giving to the budgies. It may end up making them ill. Dairy products such as concentrated milk, cream cheese, and different flavored cheese are good for budgies but not as a daily part of your bird’s diet.

Apart from the food items that contain lactose, other food items like garlic and onions should as they have “toxicosis” that is dangerous for budgies.

Is Cheese Safe For Budgies?

Some types of cheese are quite lean. If your budgies wish to try a bit of cheese, feed them in moderation. Also, the beaks of budgies get sticky because of the cheese.

Keep in mind that they are hydrated, drinking enough water when you are planning to feed them cheese. The salt in the cheese makes them super thirsty and in the long term, it is not good for their kidney.

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How To Prepare Cheese For Budgies?

If you are trying to feed the cheese for your budgies try with small portions. Feed the basic cheese flavor like mozzarella and cheddar. Make small pieces of cheese or you can grate the cheese to feed them.

It’s that Budgies do not produce enzyme lactase hence they cannot break down the lactose. This in turn hinders their digestive system. Your budgies might love eating cheese as they love the taste, but the vet strictly recommends only feeding them in moderation. Also, cream cheese should be avoided as it has high lactose values.

Also, you can mix the cheese pieces or grate them with the cereals that will minimize the ill effects.

Can Budgies Eat Raw Cheese?

Yes, budgies can eat raw cheese but in a very limited amount as a treat and not as part of their daily diet.

Budgies are not mammals, they do not grow up drinking their mother’s milk. Thus, their bodies are not meant to produce the enzyme that is needed to break down the lactose.

Dairy products such as raw cheese are fairly high in fat therefore they shouldn’t be fed in high amounts or included in their daily diet.

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Parmesan cheese vs Mozzarella cheese vs Cheddar cheese for Budgies

Parmesan cheese has low lactose intolerance. It is recommended to feed however in a moderate form. You can mix the parmesan cheese with veggies and fruits or grate them on top of their other feed items to enhance the taste.

Mozzarella cheese has less lactose content than any other cheese type. If you are thinking of feeding the cheese than Mozzarella is a good option.

Cheddar is a mild-flavored cheese suitable for budgies. This cheese is low in lactose but has a high sodium value which is not good for budgies. You can offer them as a treat but it should not be something that your little birdie snack on all the time.

Also, do not feed them in large quantities even if you are feeding a low-value lactose cheese.

Can Budgies Eat Cottage Cheese?

Yes, cottage cheese is safe for budgies. It does not contain any lactose hence, considered to be better for your budgie than feeding other types of cheese.

However, it is still a dairy product therefore should be fed in moderation.

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Can Budgies Eat Cheese Crackers?

Yes, you can feed cheese crackers.  Choose the cheese crackers that are made from wholesome grains and have less portion of cheese in them. Plain crackers are good to feed but if you are choosing cheese flavored they do not add great nutritional value to them.

However, if you are looking for the variation to feed them you can offer them as an occasional treat.

Can Budgies Eat Cheese Puffs?

We call them cheese balls, cheese puffs, crunchy curls as they are available under different brand names. They are all the same, coated in an orange-colored cheddar-flavored powder.

They do not have a real nutritional value but fattening products. So, you can feed them to your budgies on rare occasions.

In Conclusion

Now that we have discussed in detail about feeding a variety of cheese to the budgies, it is always recommended that you ask the Vet and read the ingredient list before feeding the cheese.

Make sure there are no added flavors, and ingredients added to the cheese. It is okay to give a bite-size cheese to the budgies but do not make a habit of feeding them regularly.