Can Budgies Eat Cucumber? Is It Good For Them?

Budgies have an innate fondness for fresh vegetables and fruits. Therefore, they are served with a variety of fresh food. Cucumbers are one such fruit that provides freshness but people often doubt whether budgies can eat cucumbers. 

When I added budgies to my family, I faced similar questions and doubts about various things. But, with time, I was able to provide them with good care and healthy life. 

With all my experience, below I have compiled all the information to help you know about budgies and cucumbers. 

Can budgies eat cucumbers?

Budgies can eat cucumber as it is included in the list of recommended foods for them. Cucumbers have some nutritional value and high water content that provide a refreshing treat to budgies. 

The birds enjoy this fresh green fruit in their diet but it should be given in moderation. The cucumber should be fed a couple of times a week to budgies to give the birds its benefits and avoid its side effects. 

You can give them cucumbers as an occasional treat because the daily dose of it can cause runny droppings, leading to dehydration. This is the worst thing that can happen to your pet budgies as these small birds can’t survive long if their body doesn’t have enough water.

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Can these birds eat cucumber seeds?

Budgies love feeding on cucumber’s flesh but its seeds aren’t suitable for them. The cucumber’s seeds are harmful to Budgies and some other birds as well. It is so because its seeds contain a poisonous substance called amygdalin.  

The substance can make your budgie sick. Therefore, it’s recommended to remove the seeds of cucumber before giving them to your feathered friends. By doing this, you will keep the birds safe and healthy. 

Can budgies eat cucumber skin?

Unlike the seeds, the cucumber skin does not contain anything harmful. It even is a good source of vitamins and other nutrients. Thus, there is nothing wrong with the budgies eating cucumber skin. 

However, the budgies may find it hard to digest or break the skin through their tiny bills. The other thing that concerns the owners about feeding cucumber peels to budgies is that the peels may have harmful pesticides. This is why it’s important to wash the cucumber thoroughly. 

If it still worries you, you can peel the skin off to keep your budgie safe and free from chemicals. Your bird may enjoy the peeled cucumber more than the one with peel. 

Is cucumber good for budgies?

The cucumbers make a good food source for budgies as it works as a complete meal that provides nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and water through its juicy flesh. 

The health benefits of cucumbers for budgies are:

  • Cucumbers are rich in vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin K, and vitamin C that helps in keeping your budgies healthy. The vitamins regulate the budgie’s skeletal structure and immune system. Vitamin B is especially responsible for their energy and growth.

The deficiency of it can lead budgies to various problems like high mortality and change in hatching rates.

  • They contain some important minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, copper, and potassium which help the budgie’s proper health.

Magnesium is essential for the functioning of nerve impulses, brain neurons, muscle coordination, bones, beaks, and the heart of the budgie. Potassium helps in controlling the balance of liquids in the bird’s body.

Copper helps to maintain and strengthen their immune system whereas phosphorus regulates acid-base balance, bone formation, egg formation, metabolism of proteins and fats, etc. 

  • The fruit also contains silicic acid that helps birds to maintain their plumage and in making them look more vibrant and attractive. 
  • The flesh of the cucumber is a high water source for budgies, helping them in being hydrated. The nutrient-rich water helps in keeping the feathers of the birds colorful and beautiful. The refreshing cucumber juice gives relief to birds in hot summers. 

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How do I give my budgie cucumbers? Are there any preparations before feeding?

Below are the steps that you should follow to give cucumbers to your budgies so that your feathered friends love their new food. 

1. Wash the cucumber properly

It’s necessary to wash the cucumber thoroughly to make it safer for your budgies. This will remove all the bacteria and harmful chemicals from its surface. 

Even if you buy organic cucumbers, it’s recommended to wash them to remove dirt, germs, or other contaminants that might get picked on during transit or at retailer shops. 

2. Remove the peel of cucumber

As already mentioned, it’s good to remove the peel from the cucumber, especially when introducing it to the birds. You can remove it with a knife or a peeler. 

3. Remove the cucumber’s seeds

Removing the seeds from the cucumber is most important before serving it to your pet birds as the seeds can make them sick and weak. They are in the middle of the fruit so removing them is not a difficult task. 

4. Serve in a bowl or hang it with clips

Cut the cucumber either in small pieces or in slices to make sure that your birds can feed on it easily.

The small pieces can be put in a bowl and then placed in their cage whereas the slices can be hung on the cage using clips or a wire so that the birds can peck or nibble it. 

5. Take away the leftovers

A budgie may not eat all the slices or pieces and leave some of them. So, removing the leftovers will help in preventing the growth of bacteria or other microorganisms on them. 


Budgies enjoy fresh cucumbers, so if you are thinking of introducing cucumbers to their diet, you must do so. However, there are proper steps to follow before giving it to them.

It is also necessary to know that some parts of this fruit are healthy whereas some may cause harm.

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