Can Lovebirds Live With Other Birds? If So, What Other Birds?

Possess a pet lovebird? Do you intend to purchase another bird and pair it with your lovebird?

Here, you will find out about the personality of lovebirds and their compatibility with other birds.

Social Personality Of Lovebirds

The lovebird is a smaller species of parrot that can be kept as a friendly pet.

Lovebirds are renowned for the adoring, caring attachment that they frequently create with their partners, as their name would imply. Despite its small size, the lovebird is a very curious bird.

Can Lovebirds Live With Other Birds?

Lovebirds shouldn’t be kept in cages alongside other bird species. This is because lovebirds, particularly little species, may be rather cruel to other birds.

Even yet, it is still possible for them to be aggressive toward birds of their species when paired together.

What Birds Can Live With Lovebirds?

It is recommended to let lovebirds coexist with other birds of their species because they are typically violent toward other birds. They very rarely form bonds with other birds of their kind like cockatiels and budgies.

Usually, they become unfriendly and attack the other bird to protect their territory. You can keep both birds apart to keep them secure and avoid any clashes.

Can You Keep Lovebirds And Budgies Together?

It’s probably not a good idea to have a lovebird in the same cage as a budgie because of how aggressive they can be; the smaller budgie could easily get hurt by the lovebird.

Can Lovebirds Live With Cockatiels?

No! In general, cockatiels and lovebirds shouldn’t be kept together.

This is because while cockatiels often are more passive, lovebirds can be extremely violent. This may result in the frequent bullying of your cockatiels by the feisty lovebird.

Can Lovebirds Live With Parrotlets?

Yes. Similar to how parrotlets form bonds with people, they can also do the same with lovebirds or other birds.

But you’ll want to keep an eye on your parrotlets to make sure it still likes you and doesn’t nip and bite you when you take them out alone to play.

Can Different Species Of Lovebirds Live Together?

It is possible for you to keep different species of lovebirds together if it is for the purpose of breeding. Keeping a peach-faced lovebird with any other species produces healthy birds.

If you are considering keeping different species of the same sex together, they must not be the female sex.

Female lovebirds are very hostile to each other when they are kept in the same place. For the male lovebirds, it is possible to harbor them together.

Can Lovebirds Kill Other Birds?

Due to their territorial nature, lovebirds are very hostile to other birds that come around their territory. If a couple attacks another bird violently, it has been known for them to end up killing the bird. 

How Do You Know If Two Species Of Lovebirds Like Each Other?

You can easily know if two species of lovebirds love each other during mating.

During this time, two lovebirds remain close to one another. The lovebird pairs frequently act in the same ways, sitting, perching, and sleeping adjacent to one another.

Only when they are outside gathering materials for their nests or searching for food do they part ways. An obvious indication that courting has begun is when two people are close.

Ideas For Pairing Lovebirds With Other Birds

If you are thinking about how you can pair your lovebird with another bird, here are the tips that will make you achieve your aim.

Invest in a big enough cage.

If you plan to pair your lovebird with another bird in the same cage, make sure it has enough space for both of them to move about comfortably.

Even though they are little, lovebirds require room to fly. The cage should be no less than 18 inches high and 18 inches wide for a single lovebird. 

Keep birds of the same size in one place.

If you plan to keep a different species of bird in the same cage as your lovebird, pick one that is roughly the same size.

Given their potential for aggression, lovebirds shouldn’t be kept with smaller birds like budgies or parakeets because the feisty lovebird could easily hurt the smaller bird.

Be ready to separate your birds into cages if required.

In the end, it is impossible to make your birds get along just as it is impossible to make two people get along.

To prevent harm to either of your birds, you must separate them if you discover that they are not getting along.

Make sure your home has enough room for two cages in case you need to divide your feathered companions before purchasing multiple birds.

How to prepare when you introduce another bird to your Lovebird?

Construct a peace offering and bring the cage for your new bird into space, when you’re ready for your new bird to interact with your lovebird.

While the birds are in the same space, give them both a variety of delectable food. Move the new bird’s cage back to a safe and isolated area for a short while, then repeat the procedure.


Keeping your lovebird together with another bird in the same cage is generally not a smart idea.

If you do decide to do this, be sure to get a cage that is sufficiently big to allow both birds to move around freely.

To ensure that your birds have both company and their own space, we advise that you think about housing your other bird in a different cage.

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