Can Pigeons Eat Lentils? | What About Dry Lentils?

The bird food is ever-evolving. This is because of the increased awareness of the significance of nutrition and heightened on-going research for bird feeding needs. Like any other species, birds too need appropriate balanced food. For different birds, the eating habits differ and so are their food choices. If you are a feeder and concerned about feeding lenders to your backyard birds specifically pigeon that you are on the right page.

Can Pigeons Eat Lentils?

Feeding a well-balanced diet is often forgotten by the feeders. If you have pet birds, you must discuss their dietary regime with the Vet. Often the pet owner assumes that everything is okay to feed – Not lentils.

Lentils specifically are not supposed to be feed to pigeons.

Vet doctors do not suggest feeding seed mixture that comprises beans, dried rice, split chickpeas, and lentils. These grains, seeds, and lentils are not recommended because they are bigger. Often the vet has witnessed such instances where these pigeons have stuck that grain, or have suffered from health problems. Your pigeons and doves must eat a good diet that helps them keep in good health. Your pigeon’s health depends on you to what you feed, so make sure that their grains or seed mixture comprises what your Vet recommends.

What About Dry Lentils?

There are cheap seed mixtures available that are often bulked up with wheat grains, beans, lentils, and split peas. Your pigeons might merrily binge on these seeds but, little they have an idea of how this can hamper their health. The dry lentils are good for larger-sized birds and not pigeons.

There are seasonal mixtures available for the pigeons containing high nutritional values. For example, nuts and seeds mixed can be used during winters that help keep their bodies warm. Similarly, during summer, there is a different diet available. Switching will help enable them to eat a well-balanced food.

What Should You Feed Your Pigeons?

Pigeons are prone to calcium deficiency because they mainly binge seeds. The Vet suggests that the seeds should not only be the diet. Comprising it with the fruits, and nuts that are finely chopped are good to feed.

There are various types of formulated seed diets available for pigeons. This comprised dry sunflower seeds, grains, mixed seeds, finely chopped dry vegetables enriched with brewer’s yeast, minerals, and vitamins.

While buying make sure that you are purchasing the right pigeon food as the different diet seed mixtures are available based on different varieties of birds.

Thus you must keep educating about the evolving dietary needs of your pigeons. The goal should be to help them remain fit and flourishing most of their lives.

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Is It Good To Feed Fruits & Vegetables To The Pigeons?

Apart from the formulated seed mixture, finely chopped vegetables, greens, and fruits can be given to the pigeons. In fact, including veggies and fruits in the daily diet will help them keep active and healthy. They must have consumed a good amount of water along with.

Offering high water composition fresh products like lettuce, celery provides the highest nutritional values. According to the Vets, avoid giving Avacado in their diets. It is said to be toxic to consume for the pigeons.

When feeding vegetables and fruits, make sure that you wash them thoroughly. However, try to buy organic stuff or homegrown things that are completely safe for your pigeons to consume.

Try not to mix the vegetables and fruits, keeping them in a separate dish will allow them to eat accordingly. Also, you will be able to know what kind of fresh produce preparation they love the most.

Treat your pet pigeons as your kid, feed often but make sure that the leftover food is discarded within a day. It tends to promote bacterias, inviting different insects which is not good for their health if they consume. Make sure to maintain a well-balanced diet for their great health.

What About Feeding People’s Food To The Pigeons?

Ideally, any nutritious wholesome food that your family eats can be consumed by the pigeons.

However, it is important to follow the feeding guidelines as mentioned above. For every bird it is different. As some birds enjoy meat, fish, binging on cheese occasionally. Pigeons are mainly eating grass, grains, seeds, etc. types of foods. Occasionally they will eat the worms, and snails if they aren’t the pet ones.

Do not feed chocolates, caffeine-packed products, or alcoholic beverages to the pigeons.

What Do Pigeons / Doves Naturally Eat?

Those pigeons living in the wilderness will primarily eat grass, berries, seeds, grains, etc. They sometimes do turn non-vegetarian by eating insects, worms, snails, etc.

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