Can You Feed Birds Bread? | Will Birds Eat Bread?

One of the amazing things about birds is that they can eat most of the eatable things you offer to them or they find in their surrounding. 

Intro Video - Backtobirds
Intro Video - Backtobirds

Pet bird owners can literally use anything from their kitchen to feed their birds, even feeding leftover food and food products to your birds is a great alternative.

But it is important to look out for what you are feeding to your birds, as the food they eat will impact their health. Bread is one such food that many pet bird owners feed their birds without knowing the consequences.

Do birds eat bread?

Yes, birds can eat bread as they are not very selective when it comes to making food choices. Most birds almost eat whatever they found in their surroundings without thinking about its health effects.

Birds may start disliking bread after experience some discomforts from eating it.

Is it bad to feed bread to birds?

Bread is bad for the birds and should be avoided, there are a lot of problems that can emerge by eating bread. I have mentioned below the reasons why bread should be avoided as bird food.

  • Bread is a  highly processed food and is deprived of all the required macro and micronutrients, it simply fills the stomach but does not provide any kind of supplement to the bird’s body.
  • Birds require a lot of proteins and vitamins for their growth, feeding bread will deprive them of their growth.
  • Frequent uses of bread as bird food can cause other health-related issues for the birds like weak muscles, overweight, laziness, inactivity, and mood swings. It can also cause malnutrition to the birds.

What can you feed birds instead of bread?

There are plenty of alternative food options that your birds can eat and are a lot healthier for them as well.

  • You can offer different sorts of grains to your birds, birds love to eat grains.
  • A multigrain snack can be prepared by mixing different grains in equal proportions.
  • Oats can serve the purpose of amazing food, they are super rich in nutrients and economical as well.
  • Birds can eat slices of cooked meat and fish as well
  • Pieces of eggs are also a nice way to give a treat to your birds.
  • Seeds are also loved by birds and are highly nutritional.
  • Fruits and vegetables can also be given to birds.

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Can bread kill birds?

Yes, sometimes bread can kill birds. In many cases, the bread you are using may develop a fungus or any other mold over it.

This type of bread is quite dangerous as it can cause food poisoning, under such situations a bird may experience fever, nausea and this can further worsen the condition of the bird. If untreated the bird may die due to food poisoning.

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Can you feed birds bread and butter?

No, it is not considered ideal to feed bread and butter to birds. As bread is not a good source of nutrients and can cause some issues in the digestive processes.

If you want to feed some amount of bread to increase the weight and fat amount in the bird, try giving butter with other foods like you can add butter in oat porridge or other dishes that are healthy for your birds.

What type of bread can be feed to birds?

One of the safest options in bread is the new whole grain or multi-grain bread that is less processed and does not contain many chemical products and preservatives. Apart from these, you can also use these bread by crumbling them with other healthy foods like veggies and oats.

Adding some nuts and peanut butter over the whole grain or multi-grain bread slices can also serve as a nice option for feeding your bird. These are some of the ways by which you can feed bread to your birds, I will still say that avoiding the bread is the best you can do for your birds.

Can wild birds eat bread?

Bread is unhealthy for all the birds be it pet birds, garden birds, or wild birds. If wild birds are exposed to the bread, they can eat it very easily due to food scarcity and their eating behavior.

If you have a habit of feeding wild birds, I request you not to offer foods like bread, biscuits, cookies, chips, and other highly processed packeted foods to the birds. As they can cause a lot of trouble to them and in some cases, this may turn out to be fatal for the bird.


Making the right food choices for your pet birds and animals is one of the major decisions and making wrong choices can lead to unprecedented results.

If you are having pet birds or loves to feed birds it is important to feed nutritional and quality food to your birds, bread is not the healthiest alternative around and should be avoided to a large extent.

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