Can You Keep Birds In Cages? | Birds In Cages | Are There Any Exceptions?

No, you cannot keep birds in cages. PETA says there is nothing that can prove keeping birds in cages is right. It says that birds and animals are not ours to keep. There are sayings like “fly free in the sky like a bird” and “To be free like a bird,” but what if the birds are not free themselves? 

Well, for centuries, birds have been kept in cages. They seem quite happy there. Parrots can even learn to talk like humans. So, it raises the question: are there any exceptions? Are there some birds who feel comfortable in cages?

Are There Any Exceptions? What birds can be kept in cages?

Birds have been kept in cages for ages. Sometimes, they are kept for company; sometimes, they are kept for business.

Over the centuries, some birds like cockatiels have been bred and raised in cages. If you own a cockatiel, you know that they also crave your presence. A large cage or an aviary for them, and they will be as happy as one can be.

There are lovebirds who are highly social. Be it their feathery friends or humans; they like to be kept around. These birds are demanding and need your contact all the time, but they are good companions. It is a myth that they do not survive without their soulmate. 

Yes, love birds mate for life. Even if you keep two birds, they will form a strong bond because that is what a lovebird is known for. If you want a lovebird as a companion, keep a single one and provide the required attention. Though, they are also very vocal about attention.

Domestic Canary is a member of the Finch family, which has been domesticated for decades, and now it is a great little companion of many people.

If you want a canary, there are some prerequisites. No young children around as they get frightened easily. They need a large cage, as large as you can get. They like to fly around, and it keeps them happy.

Other than these, there are finches, parrots, pigeons, etc., who like their cages and will roam freely in your home and won’t fly away.

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Is Keeping Birds in Cages Good Or Bad?

It depends on what birds you are referring to. There are wild birds who soar in high skies and live in the wild, and if you cage them, they will be stressed and wrecked. They can be self-destructive.

Every year thousands of wild birds are killed in the process of importing them into the US. It is cruel to catch wild birds and cage them.

Then there are domestic birds who have been kept, bred, and raised in cages for centuries. If you leave these birds out in the open, they will not survive in the wild. It is most likely that they will be killed sooner rather than later.

Most rescued birds are put up for adoption every year as it is not in their favor to leave them out in the wild. You must learn everything about a bird before adopting it, what makes them happy, what their requirements are, do they need other birds as companions, etc.

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Advantages Of Keeping Birds in Cages

If you have pet birds, you must know that keeping them out in the open all the time is not safe. There are some advantages of keeping the birds in cages. These are-

Threat to The Native Birds

Yes, if your bird is not native to a place, releasing it can be a bigger problem than you know. Say, if you house an Indian native bird and leave it in your American neighborhood, there is a possibility that it may endanger the native bird species. Thus, you must keep them in the cage or indoors.

Keep Them Safe From Attacks

If you free your bird and it enters the territory of another wild bird, it will not survive the attack.

They Don’t Need To Find Food

Pet birds who don’t know how to find food cannot survive in the wild. They are habitual of being fed at regular intervals.

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Do Birds Suffer In Cages?

No, they don’t. If you take proper care of them, keep them healthy, get their health checkup done on time, keep socializing or talking to them, and be nice to them, your birds will not suffer in cages.

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