Can You Ride An Ostrich? (Ostrich Riding And Everything About It )

It made me quite curious to see the main lead in a movie riding an ostrich, it was a quite funny portrayal but made me think and bring some grey cells to use.

It was known to me that ostriches are big flightless birds, they are quick runners and considered the largest bird on the globe. But to think of an ostrich ride was quite challenging for me as I have witnessed people riding bigger animals like horses and elephants.

Some research into the topic gave me an insight into the practice of ostrich riding.

Is it OK to ride an ostrich? Do humans ride ostriches?

Yes, it is kind of okay to ride ostriches, humans all over the world do ride ostrich for fun. There are many parts of the world where you can enjoy riding an ostrich.

There are many animals that can be ridden like horses, elephants, and many more. These animals are mainly used as a means of transport and can be used for long root travels and carrying of load as well.

Ostriches, on the other hand, are not strong enough to be used for traveling and load-carrying purposes, they are beautiful birds and can be used to ride for fun and thrill only. It is hard and sometimes painful for them to carry the weight of a human being.

Humans do ride ostriches, but in many cases, these ostriches are well trained in farms, zoos, and other animal parks. There are severe rules and regulations too, it helps in maintaining the safety standards for both the birds and the humans.

History and practice of ostrich riding over the years

Ostriches are a part of our human history for a long period of time.

They are one of the oldest birds known to humans. Even pieces of evidence suggest that ostriches were kept as pets in some parts of the world during the bronze age as well. And many studies even suggest that they were used for their eggs and rides as well by the people of that time.

Apart from the evidence of the bronze age, even in Mesopotamian time ostriches were tamed by many kings and queens, they were kept as pets and animals of wonder in many zoos and parks during those times. Even many kings used to keep them as a symbol of prestige and loved to ride them for fun.

Even the royal people in the 18th century BCE used them for many different purposes well apart from riding and showing off their prestige, one of the major use was or their feathers and eggs as well.

The history and the story of ostrich riding are pretty interesting from the bronze age to the present it has always been fancied and captured the imagination of the masses, even its portrayal in many movies around the globe has captured the attention of the masses.

What is the weight limit to ride an ostrich? How much can it carry?

To ensure the safety of the bird, the limit for riding an ostrich is approx 60 kg or 132lbs. The mark can go up and down to a smaller extent in various parts of the world.  

Ostriches are birds, and most birds possess a hollow skeleton. It simply means birds are not strong from the core in general. It is pretty clear ostriches are not made to carry heavy loads on their back and this can cause a serious injury to their backs.

A person of heavier weight can damage the bones of the bird leading to its death in severe cases, also it becomes extremely difficult to control the bird when a heavy rider is riding it. As the feet of the bird crumbles due to the weight and the balance gets disturbed.

How fast can you ride an ostrich?

Ostrich is a flightless bird, but keeping things at the side, the ostrich can run very fast. They are fast runners and some studies have shown that they can run around with a speed of 30 to 34 miles an hour.

During ostrich rides, the speed of the bird is generally slower than its average speed as it becomes quite difficult to run with a great speed while having a load on the back.

How long can you ride an ostrich?

It is not possible to ride ostriches for a longer duration. You can hardly ride them for 5 to 10 minutes. Even getting a ride of 5 to 10 minutes can be very lucky for you.

In most cases, the rides are typically very short as the bird can not wear such weight and discomfort for longer durations.

Can a child ride an ostrich? Is it dangerous?

No, it is not advised to allow a child to ride an ostrich. Riding an ostrich can turn very dangerous for smaller children and can hurt them badly.

Apart from getting hurt children can even get traumatized by such an encounter leaving bad side effects on their mental health and sob-conscious brain. So keeping a child away from ostrich rides is the best thing you can do for your child.

Can you ride an ostrich-like horse? Do you need a saddle?

No, you cannot ride an ostrich-like horse, horse are strong animals used for long rides and are built in a way that allows them to carry heavy loads and possess a greater speed.

The experience of riding an ostrich is completely different as compared to riding a horse. In riding an ostrich there is no requirement of the saddle or any other equipment that helps in better control and ride.

Using equipment like a saddle can cause a little discomfort to the bird, in such a case the bird may become furious and may cause some trouble to the rider.

How ostrich riding is different from riding a horse.

Riding a horse. Riding an ostrich. 
Horses are powerful and can carry a lot of weight.Ostriches are weak and are not capable of carrying much weight.
Horses are used for traveling and carrying loads from ancient times.Ostriches are not made for long-distance traveling and carrying much weight.
Horses behave in a compassionate and gentle way with their riders and owners.Ostrich is not that compassionate and gentle. Ostriches are more instinctive. 
The horse neck and back are designed in such a way that the riders can sit comfortably and get a good grip.Ostriches are not designed in such a way, you will feel discomfort while riding them. 
Horses are great runners and can help the owners in difficult times.Ostrich can barely run for 100 meters with a rider on their back. Ostriches are not sensitive as compared to the horse.
Horses have very strong legs. Ostrich has weak legs.
Riding a horse will give you a feeling of pride and control.Riding an ostrich can be an awkward and embarrassing experience. You may get one or two falls.
A very little chance of falling and getting hurt.An ostrich will try to disbalance you leading you to trip down and getting hurt.

Why you should never ride an ostrich?

A frightened ostrich can be very dangerous and lethal to anyone who tries to come in contact with it. Ostriches are very intuitive and can easily feel irritated, offended, or frightened when reached by a stranger. In such cases, they may turn violent and can hurt you badly.

There are high chances that you may make the bird uncomfortable while trying to ride it and this can make the bird furious, a furious ostrich can run pretty fast and may give you a solid kick. Ostriches are known to kill human beings with their kicks throughout history. 

So, it is not advised to ride an ostrich as it can turn pretty dangerous for you. To give you a better idea, ostriches are even known to kill lions, tigers, and other bigger animals with their strong kick.

Is it possible to be killed by an Ostrich?

Yes, you can be killed by an ostrich. Ostriches have very long, strong, and dangerous legs, if you get ripped down under them while riding, there are higher chances that you may suffer a blow from these birds leading to death.

Even ostriches are pretty good when it comes to kicking, an ostrich kick is having the potential to kill a human being. They are pretty dangerous birds and can be fatal

Is ostrich riding cruelly? What does the law say?

I am a big animal lover and personally to think of troubling any animal or bird is inhuman and immoral, activities like ostrich riding are a painful experience on the bird’s part and can be quite tragic for the bird.

Riding an ostrich is cruel on a humanitarian basis, you should avoid riding these birds to exempt them from pain and trouble. In many countries, ostrich riding is considered illegal and is banned. 

In some countries like South Africa and other parts of the world, the law is not that strict and allows ostrich riding within all the safety standards.

Interesting facts about ostriches. 

  • Ostrich is a flightless bird, as big in size and having heavier weight, it is near to impossible for the bird to fly.
  • The egg of the ostrich is the largest egg on the planet ranging from 15 cm in length to 12 cm in width, the circumference of the egg is approximately around 44 to 45 cm.
  • One of the things that separate ostriches from other birds is that they lay urine and feces separately.
  • Ostriches swallow stones, pebbles, and many hard hard objects, this happens because they do not have chewing teeth, the food is broken down in their second stomach with the help of these hard substances and is further digested.
  • Ostriches have one of the biggest eyes in the animal kingdom, they can easily spot a predator from a far-off distance.
  • They do not care much about the availability of water in the surroundings as they can survive without drinking water for few days, they utilize the water content of the food they eat to keep themselves hydrated.
  • The popular saying about ostriches that they bury their head in sand is a myth.


Ostriches are big birds and share a rich history with ancient civilizations. They are used for various purposes like feathers, meat and even can be used as a sign of pride and prestige.

Riding a bird-like ostrich is quite popular in many parts of the world, but these birds are not made to give rides or to entertain human beings.

Being popular ostrich riding is not as fancy as it seems, and can be avoided if you love and respect other life forms. Another reason not to ride an ostrich is to remember a furious ostrich’s kick is enough to hurt you badly.

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