Can Budgies Eat Cheese? Is Cheese Good For Budgies?

can budgies eat cheese

Bird nutrition is constantly evolving. Due to the rising awareness and the importance of feeding them the right nutritional needs, bird pet owners are taking a keen interest. However, the majority of the budgie owners are found feeding scrap food which all the time is not right. Most of the dairy products are not suitable … Read more

What Do Budgies Eat In The Wild? (Wild Budgies Food Habits)

what do budgies eat in the wild

Budgerigars or budgies are small, colorful, and long-tailed parrots. They belong to the species of genus Melopsittacus. People call them parakeet in American English. If you are eagerly waiting to welcome your feathery friends to your home, know what they eat. They are usually wild, and you can’t feed them anything. To start with wild … Read more

Can Budgies Eat Tomatoes? Is Tomato Good For Budgies?

can budgies eat tomatoes

One would think a thousand times before feeding their kid with vegetables and fruits loaded with seeds. Vegetables and fruits by nature are full of seeds that keep their lifecycle balanced. From Seeds to fruits, the cycle keeps continuing for a healthy ecosystem balance.  Parenting your pets can be challenging, just like parenting kids. It … Read more

Intro Video - Backtobirds
Intro Video - Backtobirds