Do Crows Eat Snakes? Is It Safe For Them?

Do crows eat snakes

Crows are intriguing birds that are often talked about when snakes are the topic of conversation. This is because both the crows and snakes mostly share the same territory and thus, often encounter each other.  Even many times it has been discovered that both the creatures assume each other as their prey. I came to … Read more

How Long Do Crows Live? What Is The Lifespan Of Crows?

How long do crows live

Crows belong to the genus ‘Corvus’. They are found in almost every continent except Antarctica. Most of the species can live for approximately 20 years. But, if taken care of, they can live longer. Average lifespan of crows: The common raven lives approximately 10 to 15 years. The American crow usually lives 7 to 8 … Read more

Do Crows Eat Peanuts? Is It Ok To Feed Crows Peanuts!

do crows eat peanuts

Crows are quite common and are found throughout the world. They have become my companions on many picnics and day-outs.  I have found that engaging with them in a feeding session can be quite a fun addition to any picnic.  Watching the big birds swoop down to grab a morsel of food or toss a … Read more

Do Crows Eat Chipmunks? Do They Attack Or Kill Them?

do crows eat chipmunks

If you have both crows and chipmunks in your backyard or they are frequent visitors, you will see them fighting along.  Yes, crows do eat chipmunks. Baby chipmunks are one of the favorites among crows.  Apart from the restaurant scrap, nuts, dead animals, etc., crows can eat everything that makes them feel full, and when … Read more

Do Crows Eat Insects? ( Like Beetles, Bugs, And Pests)

do crows eat insects

Crow’s diet is quite diverse as the birds have great adaptability toward manmade and natural foods. They are believed to eat almost anything that they find.  My curiosity to know about their diet increased when I saw them picking and eating something from the hidden little spots in my garden. I searched about their diet … Read more

Are Crows Protected Birds? Is It Against The Law To Kill Crows?

are crows protected

Crows are intelligent, social, and intelligent avian unmistakable black species familiar residents of urban cities. Crows can roost in large flocks and disturb nearby residents with their excrement and cawing. The crows have sharp memories and work together as a mob to threaten or attack other crows, humans, or predators if they attempt to move … Read more

Intro Video - Backtobirds
Intro Video - Backtobirds