Do Flamingos Eat Fish? Facts About Fish And Flamingos

Do flamingos eat fish

Flamingos are stunning birds with striking pink plumage and long curved beaks. They are usually found wading in shallow water in flocks with anywhere between a few dozen and a few thousand birds.  Since they spend a large part of their time in and around water, it is safe to assume that they find their … Read more

How Do Flamingos Sleep? ( Flamingo Sleeping Position, Habits & Routine)

how do flamingos sleep

On seeing a bird with shoehorn-sized beaks, slinky neck, and fancy Pepto-Bismol color (pink feathers), one can quickly identify it as the goofily charming Flamingos. Flamingos have always been a fascinating avian species to humankind. They are seen with an eye-catching pink plumage and have strange habits like eating with their heads upside down, resting … Read more

Why Don’t Flamingos At Zoos Fly Away?

Why Don't Flamingos At Zoos Fly Away

I love flamingoes their beautiful colors, silent behavior and patterns attract me a lot. As a child, the only place where I can see them was the zoo. I used to feed them and try to play with them by making noises and seeing their reactions, one thing that surprised me was they were there … Read more

Intro Video - Backtobirds
Intro Video - Backtobirds