Do Ostriches Eat Meat? Are They Safe To Eat?

Do ostriches eat meat

Ostriches are very adaptable eaters, and natural and farmed ostriches may have quite different diets. Their long necks make it easy to reach their favorite foods, including plants, stems, and acorns.  Like other long plant-eaters like giraffes and elephants, Ostriches are forager, yet it spends its days bending down rather than reaching up.  Ostriches are … Read more

Do Ostrich Have Teeth? Can Ostriches Bite?

do ostrich have teeth

One of the most fascinating birds for me is the flightless bird ostrich. It is a bird that brings a sense of wonder and curiosity to me whenever I hear anything about it. From childhood, I knew about how massive these birds are, the largest egg-bearing bird, the fastest of the land runners,  the myth … Read more

Intro Video - Backtobirds
Intro Video - Backtobirds