Can Birds Have Down Syndrome? Do They Get Depressed

can birds have down syndrome

Every bird has certain behavior that they exhibit throughout their lives. The behavior signifies the state of their health physically and mentally.  When birds behave quite unusually or different from their normal behavior, people may wonder about many reasons that may relate to it. The two among all is- Can birds have down syndrome? Or … Read more

Why Do Roller Pigeons Roll | How Do You Identify A Roller Pigeon?

Why do roller pigeons roll

Have you ever seen a pigeon doing somersaults while flying and wondered how and why do roller pigeons roll?  If you are new to pigeon breeding or a bird enthusiast wanting to know more information about roller pigeons, here are some commonly asked questions about roller pigeons, their characteristics, and feeding habits.  Pigeons with the … Read more

Do Ostriches Have Suicidal Tendencies?

Do Ostriches Have Suicidal Tendencies

There is a rumor in the world of ornithology that ostriches have suicidal thoughts. Some people even believe that there are some actual facts behind this rumor, while some question the rumor itself.  Do ostriches have suicidal tendencies? No, they don’t. Practically, it’s not possible for animals to have suicidal thoughts except human beings. From … Read more

Do Ostriches Live In Zoos?

Do Ostriches Live In Zoos

The ostrich lives in the zoo as many zoos support ostrich conservation programs. More than 1,200 ostriches reside in zoos in different parts of the world.  Many zoos run programs to establish self-sustaining and secure populations of ostriches in their own country. Ostriches are included in exhibits with other animals like herbivores in many zoological … Read more

Do Crows Attack People | What Do Crows Hate? | Will They Attack If Provoked?

Do crows attack people

Crows are smart, social, and extremely intelligent birds. But the more one learns about them, the more intriguing these birds get. But when it comes to crow-human relationships, a question pops up: Do crows attack humans? Do crows attack people? Crows attack people, especially at the time of the breeding season when they are protecting … Read more

Intro Video - Backtobirds
Intro Video - Backtobirds