Pelican Beak | Evolution, Adaptations, Structure, Functions & Complete Interesting Facts

Pelican Beak

With their enormous feet and enormous bills, pelicans are among the most remarkable birds on the entire planet. Pelicans have been documented in fossil form for at least 30 million years when Oligocene strata in France yielded beak fragments that were strikingly identical to those of the present species. The beaks of these birds remain … Read more

Are Pelicans Vocal? What Sound Does A Pelican Make?

What sound does a pelican make

There are various sounds that are without caution generalized as being vocalized by all birds. Besides, a general notion is that the sounds produced by birds are songs. However, this is inaccurate. Birds like pelicans communicate using different sounds (which are not songs but calls) and different kinds of non-vocal behavior which indicates a message … Read more

Pelican Flying | How Fast Does A Pelican Fly?

How fast does a pelican fly

Pelicans are famous for their enormous bill, giant webbed feet, and long and broad wingspan. It is always a spectacular view when we see pelicans fly close to the water on the shore. There is always something fascinating and complex about the flying habits of aerial wildlife. Pelicans may fly over flat water surfaces or … Read more

Pelicans Migration | How Do Pelicans Migrate? Is Pelican A Migratory Bird?

Pelicans Migration

Any of the eight species of water birds in the genus Pelecanus that make up the family Pelecanidae (order Pelecaniformes) are known as pelicans. They are characterized by having huge, elastic throat pouches. Many locations around the world have pelicans living in their lakes, rivers, and seashores. The eight species of pelicans are enlisted below: … Read more

Intro Video - Backtobirds
Intro Video - Backtobirds