Everything About Lovebird Laying Eggs | How Long Do Lovebirds Eggs Take To Hatch?

lovebird laying eggs

It is common knowledge that lovebirds mate for life. They are monogamous and stay together throughout their lifecycle.  The mating behavior in lovebirds involves rituals like feeding, preening, and nest-building. A female lovebird lays eggs approximately after 10 days of mating.  Lovebird owners looking to breed lovebirds have a lot of questions about lovebirds laying … Read more

Can A Chicken Hatch Duck Eggs And Raise Them?

Can A Chicken Hatch Duck Eggs And Raise Them

Yes, a chicken or you can say, a broody hen, can hatch duck eggs and raise them. But do it only if you don’t find any other option.  Why?  Because a hen and a duck are different, the mother-child relationship won’t be the same for chicken and ducklings as it will be between the duck … Read more