Do Birds Eat Ants? Are Ants Good For Birds?

Did you know, the tiny ants that just move in a line, are a very essential part of a bird’s diet.  You will often find birds scraping the ground, or just putting their beaks into the sands, and wonder what they are doing.  Yes, birds eat ants. Ants are abundant in numbers and thus serve … Read more

Roller Pigeons: Care | Breeding | Feeding & Cost

Roller Pigeons

Pigeons are lovely birds and adored by many for their short stature. They are picky birds and can eat anything available in their habitat. Many people love to pet pigeons of different varieties.  There are many varieties of pigeons and one such is the roller pigeons. Roller pigeons always fascinated me. It amazes me how … Read more

How To Comfort A Dying Pigeon?

How to comfort a dying pigeon

Pigeons are sweet gentle birds, having strong wing muscles making them swift fliers. Pigeons are in fact, the perfect birds to be kept as pets. On a personal note, they are one of my favorite pets. Being very sociable birds, they are very intelligent, and among the few birds to pass the self-recognition test -” … Read more