Why Do Pigeons Abandon Their Eggs?

why do pigeons abandon their eggs

It is not uncommon to find pigeon eggs in an abandoned nest or watch your pet pigeon not even look at the eggs. You may think, “Does this pigeon not love its little ones at all?” But birds and animals are much more intelligent than you give them credit for. While you may think that … Read more

Can Pigeons Be Pets?

Can Pigeons Be Pets

You must have seen videos on social media regarding the rescue of abandoned animals and birds and nursing them back to health. Most of the animals or birds stay with their human rescuers and become part of the family. Now, is there any animal or bird that can’t be a loving pet? What about a … Read more

Do Pigeons Have Feelings?

Do Pigeons Have Feelings

Have you ever thought about how if certain animals have feelings? You should. If people thought more about the feelings of animals, or whether or not they have them, we would all be better off. We need them more than they need us. What about an animal as common as a pigeon? Do pigeons have … Read more

Do Pigeons Give Milk?

Do Pigeons Give Milk

It even sounds like a strange question, do pigeons give milk? Generally, this term of “giving milk” is used for cattle, but do birds also give milk? If they do, which birds give milk? Is it the same as cow milk? How much milk do they produce? This guide has all the questions you may … Read more

Why Do Pigeons Coo?

Why Do Pigeons Coo

Pigeons coo as a form of communication. It is usually either a mating call or a warning to intruders. Chatty Pigeons We’ve all seen pigeons hanging around cities, perched on statues and monuments, waddling around parks, and roosting in sheltered spots like balconies or garages. Anyone who paid attention will notice that they usually gather … Read more

How Long Do Pigeons Live?

How Long Do Pigeons Live

Pigeons can be seen everywhere in your neighborhood. They live alongside you in your neighborhood and have been with humans for almost 5000 years. They are very adaptive birds. They had survived the times when they were used as messengers, even in wartime, to deliver the messages, they have survived urbanization, and now the large … Read more

Do Pigeons Have Ears?

Do Pigeons Have Ears

When you see a pigeon, you see the round head, two big eyes, and a beak. There are no ears to be seen. Still, you make the slightest sound and the bird flies away. How do they hear us? Do they have ears? Or do they use sensory powers to protect themselves? Where are these … Read more

Do Pigeons Migrate?

Do Pigeons Migrate

While you have surely witnessed birds like flamingos, gulls, and cranes, migrating to warmer parts of the world during the winter, you have probably never seen pigeons do so. These birds have adapted incredibly well to urban locations, but do they ever leave? Do pigeons migrate?  Interestingly, most pigeons do not migrate. They simply do … Read more

Intro Video - Backtobirds
Intro Video - Backtobirds