Are Crows Male or Female? | How do you identify a Male Crow from a Female?

are crows male or female

Crows are everyday birds. They belong to the “Corvus” family that includes jays, ravens, magpies, nutcrackers, rooks, and choughs. Crows are intelligent species carrying the largest brain size compared to other birds. Many have such a kind of brain to bird ratio much better than mammals and animals, making crow an exceptional bird. Speaking about … Read more

Are Crows Monogamous? Do Crows only have one mate during their lifetime?

are crows monogamous

Are crows loyal to their partners? Yes, they are true to their partners. Unlike humans, there are no particular rules in the crow community, but crows are socially monogamous. But this isn’t all. Crows have complex relations with their mates and families and it is quite interesting to learn about them! Crows Are Generally Monogamous … Read more

How long can pigeon eggs survive without incubation?

how long can pigeon eggs survive without incubation

Over thousands of years, humans have very close proximity with pigeons and coexisted together in the same space. They are the firsts among domestic birds raised for meat and communication purposes. Pigeons are highly sociable and well-mannered birds and are comfortable being around humans in urban landscapes and suburbs. Pigeons are monogamous, often mate with … Read more

Do pigeons leave their babies?

Do pigeons leave their babies

Pigeons are friendly birds that can be found in most places. City pigeons or feral pigeons have adapted to the city living and are seen almost everywhere. There are many myths surrounding pigeons, some of them true and some of them are just myths.  One of the most common myths about pigeons is that they … Read more

When do baby pigeons start to fly?

when do baby pigeons start to fly

Flocks of pigeons at parks and beaches are quite a common sight. Often in grey, black, white, etc. There will always be a flock crowding in parks and spacious lanes. People commonly remember pigeons stuttering in many familiar places but will be lucky enough to spot or remember baby pigeons. Very few people see and … Read more

How Many Eggs Do Pigeons Lay?

How Many Eggs Do Pigeons Lay

Considering the number of pigeons we see out in the world, it is pretty understandable that pigeons easily overbreed. They can lay quite a good number of eggs every year, bringing a whole new number of squabs. How Many Eggs Do Pigeons Lay? Pigeons are capable of laying as many as 24 eggs in a … Read more

When Can Baby Pigeons Feed Themselves?

When Can Baby Pigeons Feed Themselves

Baby pigeons are adorable, miniature versions of mature pigeons. As you look at these precious creatures, you may be wondering, “When can baby pigeons feed themselves?” At only 20 to 25 days old, baby pigeons can feed themselves.  How Do Baby Pigeons Eat Before They Can Feed Themselves? From the beginning of its life until … Read more