Blindness In Birds | Causes & Reasons | How Do You Raise And Care For Blind Birds?

blindness in birds

Animals and birds in the wild are hugely dependent on their sense organs for survival.  One of the most important sense organs for all animals is the eye. It makes them capable of scanning their surrounding for literally everything, A bird is remarkably dependent on her eyes. Shelter, protection, search for food,  sensing your surroundings, … Read more

T-gondii Or Toxoplasmosis In Birds | Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, and Prevention:

Toxoplasmosis in birds

In an ecosystem, avian species are the intermediate source and play a major role in the food chain.  Scavenger birds eat any dead animals, including animals that died from infections, and become the primary transmitters of infections to other habitats. Toxoplasmosis is a protozoan parasite that transmits from the cat’s feces to the diverse ecosystem … Read more

Avian Renal Disease | Causes, Symptoms and Treatment of Kidney disease in Birds

Avian Renal disease

Numerous diseases affect the avians and often bring their lives to danger. One of the most common diseases among them is Kidney disease or failure.  Avian Renal disease Any damage, inflammation, or compromise to the kidneys due to toxins, stones, and crystals, infectious disease, or tumors, leads to kidney or renal disease in birds.  Kidneys … Read more

Aspergillosis In Birds: Causes | Symptoms | Treatment | Diagnosis & Prevention

Aspergillosis in birds

Aspergillosis is one of the most commonly occurring fungal infections found in birds, in particular, turkeys, ducks, parrots, penguins, chickens, waterfowls, etc. The young birds are majorly affected by the disease, though older ones can also be infected if they lack immunity.  What is aspergillosis in birds? Aspergillosis is a non-contagious fungal infection that commonly … Read more

Do Birds Get Constipated | How to Prevent & Treat Constipation

Do birds get constipated

Of all the illnesses and ailments that birds suffer with, you must be perplexed if your bird isn’t pooping properly. Most people think that constipation happens only in humans or mammals but the fact is that even your birds can get constipated.  However, there are remedies for everything including getting constipated birds to poop properly.  … Read more

How To Treat Adenovirus In Pigeons | Adenovirus Pigeons Symptoms & Causes

adenovirus pigeons symptoms

Pigeons along with doves are stout-bodied birds that are found in most parts of the world. Most people keep pigeons are a source of entertainment, hobby, or pets while for others, pigeons are harbingers of pathogens.  As per statistics, there are over 400 million pigeons worldwide and with an increase in urban areas, there is … Read more

Pigeon Vomiting Treatment | What Causes Vomiting In Pigeons?

pigeon vomiting treatment

You might see pigeons expel food a lot of times. It might look like vomiting but they are simply regurgitating the undigested contents inside their mouth, gut, and stomach. They do so for natural reasons. However, it is important to know the difference between regurgitating and vomiting. Vomiting is expelling almost-digested content inside the ventriculus … Read more

How To Cure Pigeon Neck Twisting | Pigeon Neck Twisting Treatment

how to cure pigeon neck twisting

With over 250 known varieties of pigeons found all over the world, while over two-thirds of those are native to Southeast Asia, Australia, and some of the Pacific island. However, different species of pigeons are found in South America and Africa. The unique aspect of pigeons is that all of the spices suck liquids instead … Read more