Choco Toucan – Ramphastos Brevis | Interesting Facts and Everything About It:

A choco toucan is a species known for its striking plumage and bright yellow and black beak. 

Intro Video - Backtobirds
Intro Video - Backtobirds

Out of all the toucan species, this one is the smallest in the Ramphastidae family.

What Is A Choco Toucan?

A Choco toucan is a speci of toucan. It belongs to Kingdom Animalia, class Aves, genus Ramphastos, family Ramphastidae, and its scientific name is Ramphastos Brevis.

It is a large bid but smaller in comparison with other toucans. 

How To Identify A Choco Toucan?

Choco toucans are easily distinguishable due to their beautiful bill. Though all toucans have a beautiful bill, choco toucans have a beautiful lemon yellow color on their upper beak and black on the rest. 

Its lower beak has a hint of purple, but the rest is black. Its neck and throat are also yellow with a light green eye-ring. They also have a dark maroon head that blurs completely black on their back. 

In addition, they show off a white rump, red under-tail coverts, black underparts, and a black body. 

Do not confuse it with Chestnut Mandible Toucan. The Ramphastos Swainsonii also looks like this one, except it has a chestnut-colored lower mandible.

They are counted among the large birds. Their size varies between 45-55 cm. Their average weight is 400 grams, and they are named after the place they live in. They live in Choco rainforests and are thus named as such.

Choco Toucan Habitat

Choco toucans are habitants of Colombia and Ecuador. They live in the humid rainforests of Choco.

Choco Toucans Flying And Range

Choco Toucans are not great flyers. In fact, none of the toucan species are great flyers. They hop a lot in the trees and can fly, but they don’t. However, they can fly at a speed of 39 mph.

How To Identify The Gender Of Choco Toucan?

Unlike ducks, hens, and other birds, it is difficult to determine the gender of choco toucans. 

The most effective way to determine their gender is the Avian Gender Test. It is a DNA test that is performed to ascertain the gender of the bird. 

Beak measurement is another way to check it. As per a study performed on adult toucans, females have a slightly shorter beak than males. But you can’t find it out by merely looking at the birds.

It requires careful examination of the beaks.

Lifespan Of Choco Toucans

Like other toucans, Choco toucans also have a lifespan of approx. 20 years. In captivity, they might lie longer, but not much.

What Does A Choco Toucan Eat?

Choco toucans are omnivores, unlike other toucans. They mostly eat berries, lizards, snakes, spiders, small birds and their eggs, cicadas, etc.

Nesting And Breeding

Toucans may have a large bill, but it is of no use when it comes to digging a hole in wood like a woodpecker. So, they find ready-made cavities in trees. 

Toucans are monogamous birds. Their mating ritual is also quite fun. The males throw fruits at the females, or you can say, offer fruits to females. 

Once the mates have been chosen, the birds start making nests. The nest only involves a few wood chips and tree leaves to make a soft bed. They also fill the nest with seeds and fruit pits to make it comfortable. 

The females lay 2-4 eggs, white and shiny. Since toucans live in a warm tropical climate, their eggs don’t need much incubation. 

Both the male and the female sit on the eggs but not for more than an hour at a time. The eggs are mostly left uncovered. 

The incubation lasts for 16-18 days. When the eggs hatch, pink featherless, blind juvenile toucans. The bill is negligible, and they don’t look like toucans at all. 

Their feathers start growing at the age of 16-days. The bill also starts growing and keeps growing until they are adults. 

The feathers become visible at the age of one month. After 45 days, the young ones fledge. 

How Much Does A Choco Toucan Weigh?

A choco toucan weighs approx. 400 grams.

What Are Predators Of Choco Toucans?

Choco toucans are hunted by eagles, weasels, and other large birds.

Due to the increasing popularity of birds among pet owners, they are also hunted by humans.

Do Choco Toucans Migrate?

No, toucans don’t migrate. They are not great flyers and stay in their native places. They might change places for the safety of the kids, but otherwise, they don’t migrate thousands of miles like other birds.   

What Are Choco Toucans Good For?

Choco toucans or any other toucan are not for human use in any way. These birds are not domesticated, but presently, they are quite popular in zoos and as home pets.


This is all about choco toucans. They are beautiful exotic birds that are found in dense rainforests.

If you are planning on getting them as pets, please don’t. They are beautiful and intelligent, but they are not accustomed to humans. 

Their maintenance is quite high, and they need a lot of attention. 

So, learn about Choco toucans, and if you have any questions or suggestions to make this guide richer, please feel free to do so.