Cinnamon For Pigeons | Do Pigeons Like Cinnamon? Is it good for them?

Pigeons are the oldest domesticated birds, and are renowned for their white plumage beauty but feared for their nuisance behavior and population.

For many decades, pigeons have cohabitated with humans and also depend on us for food, shelter, and water. 

A pigeon’s sense of smell is so strong that it can even be used to navigate home from a thousand miles away. 

Certain scents repel pigeons, such as cinnamon, hot and chilly peppers, peppermint, essential oils, vinegar, perfume, onions, garlic, cumin, cologne, ghost peppers, and even jalapenos.

Pigeons have a strange relationship with cinnamon. Because of its pungent scent, it becomes a good deterrent and its natural medical properties help to cure various pigeons’ diseases.

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Cinnamon is the most powerful and highly aromatic spice that comes from cinnamon tree bark and is commonly used in Asian households and global cuisines. 

Cinnamon and Pigeons:

Is it good to feed cinnamon to the pigeon?

 This article describes the reasons why pigeons hate the cinnamon smell and why it is important to feed them.

Do pigeons like the cinnamon scent?

Humans associate the scent of cinnamon with cozy, enjoyable moments spent eating desserts and drinking beverages with friends and family. But pigeons hate the cinnamon scent and repel away from it.

Due to the cinnamon’s spicy and pungent scent, pigeons hate and detest the spice completely. The strong aroma of cinnamon can exasperate the pigeon’s respiratory system causing them to repel away from the cinnamon’s fragrance.

Cinnamon is rich in fiber, manganese, calcium, and iron which helps in birds’ growth. This plant is known for its medicinal properties that can help treat fungal infections, as well as its shape, which can be used as a toy by birds and other animals. 

Some of us get irritation, headaches, and breathing problems from strong and pervasive perfumes or smells. Like us, pigeons also get frustrated and suffocated when they come across some of the spices, especially strong-scented ones like Cinnamon. 

Cinnamon may have a fruity, vanilla, and peppery flavor that irritates pigeons’ sinuses, disabling them from breathing, causing them to stay away.

Pigeons have acidic feces that carry diseases that are harmful to other pets in the house. Their waste can erode the building structures, rooftops, swimming pool handles, pathways and cause huge property damages. 

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This may not sound alarming, but their waste damages the exterior look of the building over time, and people might also slip and fall when they walk on their slithery droppings.

Why is it important to feed cinnamon to pigeons?

Pigeons hate the pungent and spicy scent of cinnamon, but the same provides the same health benefits to pigeons like humans. 

Cinnamon contains anti-parasite, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties, which supports pigeons’ digestive system and the body’s circulatory system. 

  • Pigeons need their circulatory system for energy, speed, and endurance during long flights.
  • Pigeons need energy and effective nutrients to fly, which are provided by the digested food.

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Cinnamon is considered a “superfood” in terms of what it contributes to the pigeon’s overall healthy growth. It helps the racing pigeons to achieve their natural energy and displays the best performance in the race.

The most important benefit of cinnamon for pigeons is to treat the pigeons’ common and deadly diseases such as canker and e-coli.

How do you give cinnamon to pigeons? Where do you get the perfect cinnamon for pigeons?

There are a lot of tricks to feed cinnamon to pigeons without their knowledge. 

One of the best ways is to mix the 1 tablespoon of cinnamon spice into 1 kg of the pigeon feed to disguise its natural smell which will work to cure e-coli or other diseases.

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Birds receive the needed health benefits regularly and improve their overall health. You can also mix cinnamon powder with corn or other grains by adding 1 tablespoon of lemon juice.

Give the pigeons Ceylon cinnamon powder from Srilanka, as it contains the highest health benefits compared to the Cassia cinnamon found in Asian countries.

How to use cinnamon to deter pigeons?

  • You can boil a small number of cinnamon sticks with water and wait for it to cool down and can be sprayed around your buildings to deter the pigeons.
  • You can also sprinkle ground cinnamon powder or sticks over the rooftop, balcony, facade, or other exterior parts of your home to keep pigeons away. 
  • Use diluted cinnamon essential oil – adding a few drops into the water and can be sprayed around your gardens or backyard to keep pigeons away.

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Cinnamon can disorient the imaginary maps that pigeons create from scents around them and make them not return to their bases.

Cinnamon powder helps people in an eco-friendly way to keep these nuisance-creating birds away from their property.

By placing the objects with smells that irritate pigeons’ nostrils around the property you can shoo them away. These objects are a budget-friendly means to deter pestering pigeons away from your neighborhood.

Cinnamon and a few other spice scents affect the pigeon’s olfactory sense making them get lost many times. 

Use very small amounts of strong cinnamon to deter pigeons away, because they can create environmental pollution – harmful for humans and plants. Be sure to use them in small amounts, since you only want to keep them away, not harm them.

Cinnamon benefits pigeons, but it has to be fed regularly and masked up with tricks to gain its health benefits.