Coburg Lark Pigeon: History | Breeding | Everything You need to know:

Coburg Lark pigeon is very popular in Germany and Europe. It is a fancy pigeon.

Intro Video - Backtobirds
Intro Video - Backtobirds

Its major attraction is its beautiful color and dove-like appearance. It was also called “mealy Country Dove”. 

This guide is all about the Coburg Lark Pigeon, its origin, history, appearance, and breeding.

Where Did Coburg Lark Pigeon Come From?

Coburg Lark pigeons also came into existence through years of selective breeding. 

The name suggests their origin place. They are expected to be bred in Coburg, Saxony, and Thuringia, Germany. 

This pigeon is a result of the breeding of archangel and runt pigeons. Some also suggest that they are the result of mating Montauban and Nuremberg Bagdad. The result is Coburg Lark Pigeon. It is also known as Koburger Lark or Gold Leads Lark. 

The breed took years to come into existence. It was the late eighteenth century when they originated as they found a place in Gottlob Neumeister’s book. 

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The appearance of Coburg Lark Pigeon:

It is a medium-large-sized pigeon that looks beautiful with its silky coat. It is 10 inches tall and weighs around 25 ounces or 650-800 grams. 

It has a light gray head which is slightly curved but mostly flat. The light gray color turns dark gray at the neck and sometimes bears a greenish hue.

Their wings match their head or are pure white in color. They also come in beautiful checkered patterns. They have intense red eyes with a coppery circle around them. 

Their beak is long and straight, fresh colored. Since they are a descendant of runt pigeons, they have large breast which is yellow color or brown in color. They have a large horizontal back. 

Their wings are quite long and their tails also have long feathers. It is closely fitted to the body. Their plumage is a soft cream color, and their legs are pink or red, void of any feathers.  

Different Colors Of Coburg Lark Pigeon

The most common color of a Coburg Lark is light gray as described above, but you may find different colors which are equally attractive.

The Brown Checkered Pigeon

It has a light brown clay color all over its body except its feathers. Wings of brown checkered variety are snow-white in color, checkered black. It has black eyes with a long horn-colored beak and dark pink feet.

The Gray Checkered Pigeon

This pigeon has a slightly gray color all over its body including its tail. The plumage is slightly white and the legs also bear white feathers. 

It has a bronze-colored breast and the neck has a greenish hue. Its wings are light gray with a hint of white, checkered with dark gray. It has light orange eyes and dark pink feet.

The White Coburg Lark Pigeon

It looks very beautiful with its two color shades. The entire body of this bird is white including its wings, except its head and neck, which is chocolate brown in color. 

It has no checkered pattern, but snow-white wings. The tail also has white feathers, with a hint of gray on the tip. It has black eyes, a cream-colored beak, and red feet.

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Habitat Of Coburg Lark Pigeons

These pigeons originated in Germany and became quite popular in Europe. 

Presently they are found in many countries in Europe wherever their owners are. They came to the United States but didn’t receive a hearty welcome and never became very popular like other pigeon breeds. 

You can find them in Germany where they are bred for exhibition purposes.

Character Of Coburg Lark Pigeons 

This bird is known for its independence. It is an active bird and a very good flier. They can be kept with other breeds as well and won’t cause trouble.

Do They Make Good Pets?

Yes, they make good pets. They are known for a companionable relationship with men and often can be tamed as good pets. They are friendly, and active, but don’t like to be manhandled. 

You have to be patient with them. Teach them things slowly and don’t push them too far. They will slowly learn that you are their friend and they will let you pet them. 

If you want a Coburg lark pigeon, bring home a chick. It will be easy to tame.

How To Breed Coburg Lark Pigeon?

Coburg lark Pigeons are known for their distinct color and patterns. When mating these birds, figure out what color combinations would produce if you bring together two different patterns. 

It is recommended that you take advice from an expert before mating them. The breed has some signature features such as its bronze or yellow breast, checkered wings, etc. While breeding, these physical features must remain intact within the new generation. 

What Does A Pair Need For Breeding?

If you are breeding pigeons, follow the tips below:

  • Get them vaccinated. If parents would be infected, it would also impact the offspring’s health.
  • Let them choose their pair. Once settled, they will mate.
  • Keep them separate from the bachelor. 
  • Give them a nest box that is protected from all types of weather conditions.
  • Feed them nutritious food and place a bowl of fresh water twice a day.
  • Give them proper nesting material.

How Many Eggs Do Coburg Lark Pigeons Lay?

They breed four times a year and lay two eggs every time. The incubation period is 18 days. The female hatches eggs and after 18 days, the little chicks come out. Their parents know how to best feed them. 

Taking Care Of Coburg Lark Pigeons

Taking care of Coburg Lark Pigeons isn’t easy. One mistake and they will catch an infection. Follow the below tips:

  • Feed them nutritious food. You can bring pigeon food from the pet store or you can make a palette at home.
  • Contamination-free water is essential. 
  • Clean their dish and water bowl every time you feed them.
  • Get them vaccinated regularly to avoid any infections. 
  • If wild birds grace your backyard, their feed should be placed separately. They might infect your pet.
  • Make a nest for your pet where it is protected from rain, snow, and heat. 

What Should I Feed My Coburg Lark Pigeon?

All pigeons usually eat the same food. Their diet includes.

  • Grains, including corn, wheat, etc.
  • Nuts, including peanuts, cashew nuts, hazelnuts, etc.
  • Fresh berries like strawberries.
  • Fresh vegetables.
  • Fresh fruits
  • Plants

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What Not To Feed Your Pigeon?

Some foods are hazardous to your bird’s health which are given below:

  • Chocolate
  • Fried food
  • Grapes
  • Apple seed
  • Cheese
  • Meat

Uses Of Coburg Lark Pigeon

Coburg Lark Pigeons are mainly used for exhibitions in their origin country. They are also kept as pets. It is a utility breed. 


This is all about Coburg Lark Pigeon. How to take care of a Coburg Lark depends mainly on why you have brought them. 

Is it for exhibition purposes? 

If yes, then you must take advice from a breeder as to how to breed them and raise them. What to feed them and what should be their ideal weight, height, colors, etc. 

If it is for pet purposes, you can follow the above tips and raise them conveniently. 

If you have anything to add to this guide to make it even richer, feel free to add it in the comments.