Crested Soultz Pigeon: Breed Guide with Facts & Complete Species Profile

A Crested Soultz pigeon also known as the Cuffia, Huppe de Soultz, and Soultzer Haube in Soultz is a fancy domestic pigeon and a descendant of rock pigeons. These breeds are attractive, with beautiful appearances.

They are also strong and hardy birds with good behavior and can be used for a variety of purposes. This breed was developed years ago through selective breeding. 

The Appearance of Crested Soultz pigeons:

The Crested Soultz pigeons are upright birds with attractive crests on their head and broad and fully rounded breasts. They also have defined rosettes on both of their sides. These pigeons are of sizes medium to large.

The cocks weigh about 500 to 600 grams and the hens weigh about 350 to 450 grams. They are also powdered blue in barred, barless, and checkered in appearance. Also, they are clean-legged and their legs are often red.

History and Origin of Crested Soultz pigeon:

This breed is said to have been developed in the 1800s in France. They were recently created at Soultz in eastern France. 

The first French description was made by Serre in 1943; he said that Huppe meaning peak crest is an inapplicable title due to the fact that the breed has a Coquillé meaning shell crest.

Crested Soultz pigeon is said to have been developed from a cross of Hessian Pouter and the Priest.

Tips for breeding Crested Soultz pigeons:

Following are tips to ensure a proper breeding:

1. Select a pair of breeding pigeons:

This is a very important step; you will need to select a male and a female pigeon. A cock is a male pigeon while a hen is a female. This pair will also have to mature enough to breed. The cock will have to be at a minimum of 6months old and 9months old for the hen.

2. Provide good accommodation:

This could be a breeding box or a large loft where the birds can feel safe and secure. You will also need to provide a nest box or bowl and nesting materials like pine needles, straw, etc. to enable them to build their nest.

3. Feed them nutritious diets:

This could be a quality grain/seed mix or a pelleted diet. The birds must also have access to good quality grits and minerals to enhance their production.

Consider these after following the tips above:

At 10 to 14 days after pairing, the female pigeon will lay her first egg and after two days, she will lay her second egg. 

When the eggs are 4 to 5 days old, you can check if it is fertile by shining a bright light into the egg and you should see an embryo developing. Both pigeons take turns to incubate the eggs for 18 days, after which they will begin to hatch.

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The young birds grow so fast and must be fed at all times. They will be ready to wean and leave the nest at about 28 to 30 days. At this stage, they will be able to feed by themselves, though they may still be fed by their parents.

Related Questions:

How to identify a Crested Soultz Pigeon?

Crested Soultz pigeons can be identified by their attractive crest, broad and fully rounded breasts, and rosettes on both of their sides.

What are Crested Soultz pigeons used for?

They are used for exhibition, utility purposes, and they make good pets.

Where are they from? 

Crested Soultz pigeons are said to have been developed in France in the early 1800s.

How long do Crested Soultz Pigeons live?

Being a fancy pigeon, they have a lifespan of about 10-15 years in captivity. But in the wild, they rarely live up to 3 to 5 years.

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What types of housing cages can be used?

Pigeon houses are typically called lofts or coops. There are different kinds of housing cages one can use to breed Crested Soultz pigeons. They include:

1. Pens: 

Having more than one pen allows for the separation of males from females to control breeding. It also allows the separation of the young and unmated pigeons from the mated pigeons, which aids the mated pigeons to continue breeding. 

Pens are also used to separate diseased or infected birds from healthy ones.

Also, since it can be difficult to determine the sex of the young pigeons, the pens are used to separate those that have been weaned that have not been identified yet.

2. Flight pen: 

This pigeon house gives the bird room for freedom of flight. Pigeons seem to be of good health and a better spirit when given this liberty.

This flight pen must be built in an enclosed area that is obstacle-free to allow them to fly freely.

3. Perches: 

Pigeons are provided more perches than they require because they seem to be territorial about them. Therefore, the houses must have enough places to perch. Most people prefer to build this in garden sheds. 

4. Nest boxes: 

Nest boxes are provided to breeding pairs to enable them to build their nests.

Due to the fact that pigeons are quite territorial when it comes to their nesting area, it is advisable that each pair have two nest boxes to promote harmonious co-existing.

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5. Landing board: 

Pigeons that are allowed to fly, need an entrance to their coop. This landing board allows the pigeon to return to its home and also leave when it desires. 

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There are different kinds of landing boards that can be used which include a barbed wire trap, which the birds will have to push to gain access to the coop.

Another is the Sputnik trap which has narrow openings on the top of the coop which allows the birds to gain access by dropping through these narrow openings.

Are they good pets?

Yes! They are good for raising as pets.

Can you eat Crested Soultz pigeon?

Yes, you can! Just like other pigeons, both adults and young can be eaten. But mostly, the young ones serve as most sought-after on menus in fancy restaurants.

How much does a Crested Soultz pigeon cost?

They cost about $100 to $1000, this varies according to the seller’s price.