Damascene Pigeon: Interesting Facts | Breeding | Everything about it:

Pigeons are incredibly complex and intelligent species of bird. They have the significance of their intelligence from ancient times.

Pigeons have played an essential role in the world war era, saving many lives because of their homing skills and pace. Pigeons are known to be faster than telegraph messages. 

There are about 350 different species of pigeons across the globe. One of the oldest breeds of pigeons is a damascene pigeon.

This is the most elegant looking bird with dark eyes, and it is thought to have originated from Damascus, Syria hence the name of this breed.

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What Is Damascene Pigeon?

Damascene is a breed of domestic fancy pigeon. It is also known as istabullu and mohamet in some parts.

Due to their different appearance, they can be differentiated from other breeds of pigeons. This breed is believed to be of around 3000 years old. This breed was developed over many years of selective breeding.

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Damascene Pigeon History

The damascene pigeon was found engraved on Egyptian papyrus rolls and stone cravings. It is suggested that it was called Mohammed because they were associated with the founder of Islam, Mohammed.

Many records show that damascene was imported into Europe from Afghanistan. So one thing is evident from this record that this breed was widespread in the middle east. But this breed died out in Europe around the Second World War.

What Are Damascene Pigeons Good For?

Damascene pigeons are intelligent and are known for their flight ability, and they will benefit from being flown. Usually, this breed is used for show, not racing and homing. 

Are Damascene Pigeons Good Pets?

Damascene pigeons are good for raising as pets. They are brilliant birds. They will be a great companion for you.

Types, Colors, and Variety of Damascene Pigeon:

There are various types of pigeon breeds, and the kind of pigeon breed is a damascene pigeon. But there is not any type in damascene species itself. Damascene pigeon is usually in white

Damascene Pigeon Flying

As mentioned above, there are known for their flying ability. They can fly up to 100 feet.

But now they are kept for show. But if you have a damascene as a pet, allow them to fly in your home; it can be an excellent exercise for your pet bird.

Can Damascene Pigeons Fly?

Yes, damascene pigeons can fly. Although it is an exhibition breed in modern times, they were developed for flying. They do best if they get a fair amount of flying exercise.

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How To Identify Damascene Pigeons?


Damascene is a medium-sized bird with a stunning appearance. The most important feature of this bird is dark eye cere and bright eyes.

They have a relatively large heads. They have a blunt beak which is of dark color and stocky. Their beak is slightly smaller than usual pigeons.

The breast is broad and prominent. The wings of the damascene pigeon are held tight against their body, their feet are dark red, and their nails are black.


Damascene is a notorious bird who is strong and hardy. They are intelligent and have good flying ability. Damascene can see colors like humans, but they can also see ultraviolet rays.


Damascene pigeons can return home, so they were used as a messenger in ancient times. They were faster because of their excellent flying ability.

Feeding & How To Maintain and Take Care of Damascene Pigeons?

The Diet of damascene is not different from any other pigeon, namely

● Seeds(give them as a treat)

● Grains

● Vegetables

● Fruits(occasionally, as a treat)

● Nuts

Please give them a balanced diet to raise healthy pigeons. Their Diet should include fats, minerals, proteins, and carbohydrates.

To take care of them , you need to think about getting them a loft.

Pigeon lofts: 

You have to think about where to place the attic. Most people place their loft in the garden. Some people place them on the rooftop, It doesn’t matter where you place it, but they should have adequate space.

You can either construct a loft or buy one. Inside the loft, you should have boxes high above the ground to build their nest. It would help if you placed perches to place their food and water. 

Guide on Breeding Damascene Pigeon

It’s a fancy breed that means mating and breeding should be done in a selective and controlled manner. Breeders will select the bird with specific characteristics to continue in a pure line. Damascene pigeons are excellent parents; they look after young ones for a long time compared to other breeds.

How Much Does a Damascene Pigeon Cost?

Damascene pigeon costs around $100.

Interesting Facts About Damascene Pigeon

  • They are the first domesticated bird. Damascene pigeon is the first bird humankind ever domesticated.
  • They can find their way to the nest from 1300 miles away. They have excellent navigational skills, which makes them long-distance messengers.
  • They saved thousands of lives in world war 1 and 2. 
  • Two pigeons were almost distracted from the discovery of the big bang theory.
  • You can train them to be art snobs. They were able to use their knowledge to identify their artist’s paintings.
  • A pigeon’s survival depends on its color pattern in life or death situations. Wild falcons rarely go after a pigeon with a white patch on its feathers.


Damascene is a breed of pigeon which was developed through selective breeding. It is one of the oldest breeds of pigeons. They have significant roles in history, such as saving the lives of so many people.

They were brilliant birds that were known for their flying ability. But in modern days it is only used for the show. Taking care of this breed is the same as other pigeons.

Provide them vegetables, fruits, a few amounts of seeds. Build a big loft for them, or you can buy it. Also, they can be excellent pets.