Danish Suabian Pigeon: Varieties | Characteristics | Care | Complete Breed Guide

Of all the fancy breeds of pigeons, the Danish Suabian pigeon has a distinct identity. 

Due to its colors and beauty, it is quite popular among the fanciers. 

This guide is all about the Danish Suabian pigeons, i.e., their color, variant, characteristics, uses, lifespan, etc. Read on. 

What Is the Danish Suabian Pigeon?

The pigeon you see today is the result of years of selective breeding. 

The pigeon originated in Germany in the late 1840s. It is also argued that the pigeon originated in France and the Netherlands. 

It is also known as Cardellino Danese, Chardonneret Danois, and Dänischer Stieglitz. Starling pigeons and Oriental Frill pigeons were used for breeding the Danish Suabian.

It is also called the Pheasant pigeon as it shares its appearance with the Silver Pheasant. 

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What Does The Danish Suabian Pigeon Look Like?

Danish Suabian is mainly known for its color pattern. It is a small bird that is popular for its scholar pattern. 

They are mostly white, with specific parts of their body colored in different colors. Their head is round, smooth, plain, peak-crested, or shell-crested. 

Their head is white while the area around the eyes and the beak is colored. Their breast, stomach, and tail feathers are also colored with marked wingtips. 

It is a narrow bird that isn’t too small or too long. Their eyes are their signature characteristic which is orange colored. They have a round, smooth, or plain head. Which also comes in peak-crested and shell-crested varieties. 

They have narrow eye care which is different-colored based on the pigeon’s colors. The beak isn’t too small or too long and not too thick or thin. They have a beautiful neck that is medium-sized, followed by a strong and round breast. 

The back is downward sloping, covered by long wings and crossing wingtips. They have a medium-sized closed tail. 

The color and marking pattern on the Danish Suabian makes it different from the other breeds. There are ground colors that are different in different varieties of Suabian and are primarily found in silver, black, blue, red, yellow, and light blue (silvery).

The face of the pigeon is marked round around the eyes and 2.5 cm below the beak. The breast marking is also sharply defined, 1 cm above the wing butt, covering, belly, thighs, stomach, and tail. 

The sharper the color definition, the better it is. It is white on blue, black, and silver pigeons, while ivory-colored on red and yellow. 

The secondary color is the frosty color that forms the rest of the pigeon’s body. It extends to the top of the head, shoulders, back, and upper wings. 

Feathers are most distinctly marked with pale webbing, which clearly separates them from the ground color. There are finch marks on the wingtips. 

These marks should be as round as possible. They are either grouse-legged with small feathers or clear-legged with sheer pink feet. 

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What Are The Uses Of Danish Suabian Pigeons?

They are fancy birds, i.e., they are only used for exhibition and show purposes. They are also kept as pets.     

What Is The Lifespan Of Danish Suabian?

The lifespan of Danish Suabian is the same as other pigeons, i.e., 5-7 years. If kept properly, they can also live as long as 10-12 or even years. 

What Are The Different Colors Available In Danish Suabian?

These pigeons are available in a variety of different colors. Some of the common ones are shared below-

Brown Suabian

The Chardonneret Danois is a very sweet-looking pigeon. It has a clear white cere on a flesh-colored beak and has orange eyes and clean pink-colored feet. 

It has dark brown face coloring, dark brown breast, stomach, and tail, and sandy feathers. The wingtips are white and the entire body is ivory.

Black Suabian

The Sølvsvabere is a black-colored pigeon with dark brown eyes and a white cere on a medium-sized black beak. 

It is black on the head with a lighter shade on its breast, stomach, and above the legs. Its tail is black with black feathers. Its legs are pink-colored and clear. 

The entire feathers are dotted with a triangle-shaped black color. Its wingtips are white, and the rest of the body is white.

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Yellow Danish Suabian

The yellow Danish Suabian pigeon looks very beautiful. It has bright orange eyes and a narrow white cere on a flesh-colored beak with pink legs. 

It has a face marking of sandy yellow and a slightly darker shade on its breasts, stomach, and tail. The feathers are white, and it has no clear wingtips. 

Gray Colored Danish Suabian

The bird is gray and white with bright orange eyes and pink legs. It has a white cere on a gray beak. 

The face marking is a darker shade of gray. The tail has the same darker shade, while the breast, stomach, and feathers are lighter in color. 

What Are The Bad Faults In Danish Suabian?

These birds are known for their color patterns and alert and upright posture. 

Fanciers keep these birds for show purposes mainly. If you are one of them, ensure that your pigeon doesn‘t have the following faults.

  • Their ideal weight is 350-380 grams. Any more or less is not acceptable. The bird should not be too small or too large.
  • Faulty peak crest.
  • Faulty cere.
  • Feathers are not lying close to the body or not closing on the back.
  • Color splattering where it should not be.
  • An uneven distinction of colors.
  • White feathers on their belly or thighs.
  • Lighter shade in various places where it shouldn’t be. 
  • Too dark or too light color.
  • Unclear wingtips. 
  • Improper feet placement.

Do Danish Suabian Pigeons Make Good Pets?

Yes, they are good pets as they are low maintenance. They do not need any special care or food. You can give them the regular palette that you feed to your other pigeon breeds. 

Danish Suabian Pigeon Breeding

The breeding of the bird depends on whether you are looking for a specific color. 

Before breeding Danish Suabian, consult an experienced fancier. If you are keeping them as pets, you can choose their partners on your own. 

The Danish Suabian female also lays two eggs like every other pigeon breed. The incubation is 18-19 days. 

These pigeons have a medium-sized beak to produce the milk and feed their babies.

Some breeding tips are shared below:

  • To ensure healthy breeding, get your pigeons vaccinated.
  • Make them loft, separate from the other pigeons.
  • Place clean water and food for them.
  • Get them checked for any infections.


This is a general overview of the Danish Suabian pigeon. The breed is a beautiful and intelligent one. 

If you are thinking about bringing a beautiful pet home, you can choose Danish Suabian. It will make a great pet.

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