Do Birds Eat Meat? | Is Meat Bad for Birds? | What kind of birds eat meat?

From food waste to fruits to grains, to eggshells, birds will eat everything. The species of the birds and its location are the important factors that play a vital role when it comes to food habits in birds. The location of where they are based contributes to the types of food sources available to them. Their diet varies depending on their size, strength, needs, and ability. Since not all food types are available to them around the year thus, their food habits keep changing accordingly.

What kind of birds eat meat?

Intro Video - Backtobirds
Intro Video - Backtobirds

Carnivorous birds eat meat. Primarily it includes owl, crow, eagles, vultures, falcons, hawks, and osprey but they also consume other food sources than meat. However, carnivorous can eat any general meat as these birds do not particularly binge on a specific meat diet. Thus, they can be classified into the following:


These birds namely swallows, flycatchers, warbles,  etc. love eating insects.

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Ospreys, penguins, herons, and egrets are fish eaters. Because of the location, they are based, for example, penguins are mainly found in and around Antarctica where fish will be the only food source. Thus, it is quite natural that their survival will mostly depend on such dietary items.


These are the birds eating other birds. Large raptors/birds like Falcons and Accipiters are seen preying small backyard birds preying small birds like pigeons, sparrows, etc.


Molluscivous is one of the carnivore categories that will feed on bivalves, brachiopods, gastropods, and cephalopods.

Meat-eating birds will choose to hunt and eat whatever they find easy to catch. Furthermore, these carnivore birds also feed on the discarded carcass, roadkill, or those who have died from an injury and illnesses.

Do birds eat raw meat?

Carnivorous birds will eat raw meat. Little do they know that raw meat in any form is not good for them.  The raw meat gets spoiled quickly and has a tendency to attract bacteria which is as dangerous as killing them. Hence, if you are a feeder avoid offering raw meat instead choose something nutritious and safe for their health.

Do wild birds eat meat?

Wild birds do eat meat. They primarily are devoted to meat. Birds like owls, vultures, eagles, hawks, falcons, herons, ravens, seagulls, etc are suited to stay in the wild. Hence, their survival mostly depends on the geographical location. Thus, it makes it obvious that prey and hunt meat sources.

Can wild birds eat chicken?

Yes. Wild birds that are carnivorous will eat chicken too. However, it is not recommended for them to become dependent as a primary food source. If you are feeding them with chicken, then make sure that you change their feeding pattern often by giving them something else from other meat feeds.

Birds that don’t eat meat

It will be completely wrong to say that birds don’t eat meat. However, there are few species of birds that do not binge on specific meat but insects, fish, etc. Insectivorous birds are different types of carnivorous that only eat insects. This provides sufficient nutrition keeping them healthy.

Is meat bad for birds?

No. Meat is not bad for the birds but what you are feeding in meat has to be considered. For example, feeding raw meat is not good. Too much-feeding chicken feed food too is not healthy for the birds. Thus, if you are a feeder and love having different birds in your backyard, you must feed them the right meat.

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Do all birds eat insects?

Not all birds eat insects. Insectivorous are the birds that will eat only insects that include dippers, swallow, martins and nighthawks.

What birds don’t eat insects?

Molluscivorous, Ophiophagous, Palynivorus, Piscivorous, and Omnivores are those bird categories that primarily will binge on fish, snakes, small raptors, snails, etc.

Which birds eat fish?

Like said earlier, Piscivorous birds like seagulls, puffing, herons, kingfishers as well as other aquatic birds will prey and hunt fish.

In Conclusion

There is an enormous variety of birds eating different kinds of foods. There is no one size fit answer here,  different families of birds eat different food categories. Some eat meat, insects, or seeds whereas some only eat only seeds, grass, etc. and some are omnivorous that binge on everything. Thus, the article gives detailed insights into their food habits, types of food they love to binge on. Hence, this derives that there is no particular food source that they rely on. Thus, it highly depends on their breed, size, and environment they inhabit.

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