Do Birds Eat Oranges? | What Birds Eat Oranges?

Birds do love to eat oranges. Not only oranges, but a juicy slice of any fruit is also enough for birds to relish.

Intro Video - Backtobirds
Intro Video - Backtobirds

So, if you like to feed your backyard birds, you must know what birds eat oranges and other fruits,

Why its about Oranges?

Oranges offer plenty of health benefits and no side effects are also there. Alongside it helps the birds in storing up the energy that they can use throughout the day as oranges are rich in fiber and calories. 

However, it is not that simple. Many people have observed that it is difficult getting certain types of birds to eat any citrus fruit, let alone an orange. On the other hand, a number of species prefer the soft and juicy center of oranges. 

In fact, Orioles have been seen eating oranges frequently. So now that you know that birds enjoy eating oranges, you might want to know what kinds of birds eat oranges. Here is the answer!

Do birds like citrus fruit?: What birds eat oranges?

Yes, some birds do like citrus fruit including oranges. Starting from Baltimore Oriole, Bullock’s Oriole to Western Tanagers; numerous bird species love to have oranges. 

As we have already mentioned that birds eat oranges, now let’s get into the discussion of which birds enjoy oranges. Here is a list of some of the birds that have been observed eating oranges:

Baltimore Oriole

Baltimore Orioles is one of the most popular birds and can be easily recognized due to its bright appearance. These birds have brightly colored orange bodies, black colored heads, and wings. Their neckline is beautifully V-shaped. 

Gray Catbird

Gray Catbird is also fond of oranges and is found across North America and Central America. It is medium in size, and its body is lead-gray in color. Its top crown portion is much darker than the rest of its body. 

Brown Thrasher

Brown Thrasher is a large-sized bird that is found commonly around the bird feeders. Its upper parts are brown in color, and its underparts are white with dark secrets. The bird eats insects, fruits, berries, nuts, and seeds

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Rose-breasted Grosbeaks

With a white belly and a red bib, rose-breasted grosbeak also likes to eat oranges. It has a black head with black and white feathers on the sides of its body. 

Orchard Orioles

The male orchard oriole enjoys citrus fruits such as oranges and is a chestnut-colored bird. It has black wings, a black-colored head, and a black upper back. 

The female orchard oriole, on the other hand, has olive-green upper parts and yellow breast and belly. 

Bullock’s Oriole

The female Bullock Oriole is light yellow in color with a white belly, whereas the male Bullock oriole has orange and black plumage with a black throat patch and a white wing bar. Both of them like to eat the juicy center of the oranges. 

Hooded Oriole

The male bird species has a deep yellow-orange head with a little bit of black on the face and throat. Their backs are black as well as their wings and tail, and their underparts are orange in color.

The female Hooded Orioles are olive-green on the upper parts with yellow on their breast and belly. 

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Western Tanagers

Male Western Tanagers have bright red faces with a yellow nape, rump, and shoulder. Their upper back, tail, and wings are all black in color.

Among the non-breeding plumage, the males do not have red faces, and their bodies have a tinge of olive green. The females of this species have yellow heads and olive backs with dark wings and tails. 

Northern Mockingbirds

The Northern Mockingbirds have gray heads and gray backs. Their tails are gray in color with cream-colored edging, and their front sides are beautifully creamy white. 

Scarlet Tanagers

As suggested by their name, the Scarlet Tanagers are scarlet red in color and look beautiful. Enhancing their beauty further, they have a black pointed bill with a black eye mask, back, and wings. 

Red-Bellied Woodpecker

The red-bellied woodpecker also apparently likes to eat oranges, and they possess white bellies and a redhead. Their feathers are a combination of black and white. 

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Before reading this article, you might have various questions such as do birds eat oranges, what birds eat oranges, etc.

I hope that all of such questions have been put to rest by this article, and now you can think about feeding oranges to the birds mentioned above.

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