Do Birds Fart? Let Us Find Out!

As bird lovers, we are constantly intrigued by our feathered friends. The curiosity spikes when we hear that birds like crows are highly intelligent, have memory and even have analytical abilities.

When striking similarities between birds and us, some unusual queries spark our curiosity.

Read further as we try to unravel the mystery.  

Do birds fart? 

Bluntly speaking, birds do not fart even though they have all the equipment to fart like us. A primary reason for it is that they do not need to fart. The fact holds true for all varieties and species of birds without discrimination.  

Why do birds not fart? 

Looking from a technical point of view, birds can certainly fart. They have both the anatomical and physical ability to pass gas. They have a stomach, rectum, and anus and they eat and digest food.

In humans, the gas is created when different types of food are broken down in our stomachs. Many chemicals in food, especially methane and sulfates impart that stinky smell to farts.

Even birds eat all kinds of food but still, they do not fart. There are several theories regarding why birds do not fart. A few of them are: 

No gas-forming bacteria in the bird’s gut 

The biggest reason for birds not farting is that they do not have the gas-forming bacteria in their gut, that is typically present in mammals, including humans.

Hence, no odorous gas is formed in the bird’s gut that needs to be passed out as a fart. Even their combination of diet is such that the stinky gas is not formed. 

Highly specialized and shorter digestive tract 

Another reason is the highly specialized but much shorter digestive tract of the bird compared to other mammals.  

The intestine of most mammals is quite long, and the digestion process is slow. Due to it, the fecal contents remain in the intestine long enough to ferment and produce odorous gases.

Moreover, as gases are formed, they travel the long distance of the intestine and pick up many malodorous things and their nasty smell before reaching the end. Hence, mammals fart explosively and with a nasty smell. 

In contrast, birds have a short and spectacularly fast digestive system that gets rid of all gunk from their system in record time. Depending on the species, birds poop every 5-15 minutes.

Any gas that is produced is effortlessly sneaked out along with poop. It never rises to the fart level, and the digested food and waste do not remain in the body long enough to ferment and produce odorous gases.

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Birds might burp  

We all know that a bird’s diet is vastly different from ours and it does not produce as much gas as it happens in humans. The tiny amount of gas produced sneaks out along with feces.  

While there is no scientific evidence yet, it is believed that birds also release gas by burping. This mechanism is the same as the way they regurgitate food for their offspring. Birds would not face any challenges in passing out gas from their beaks.  

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Is there any exception to the rule? 

Yes, there is an exception to the rule- the chicken. Unlike all other birds, chickens can actually fart. Farting in chickens is actually considered a healthy sign! 

The reason for a chicken farting is the same as us. Unlike all other birds, chickens can take up to 24 hours to digest their food.

Hence, a gas build-up happens, which gets trapped in their body and forces them to fart. But they fart less occasionally and with far less pungency than humans. Chicken farts are nevertheless unpleasant.  

If you see a chicken emitting a foul fart, it indicates that something is wrong with the chicken. Beans, legumes, soybeans, and canola seeds are primary gas-producing food for chickens.

They also add a pungent smell to their fart. Reducing these in the chicken’s diet will reduce their frequency as well as odor from the chicken’s fart.  

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Wrapping up  

So now you know that birds apart from chickens cannot fart. We hope you enjoyed learning this strange and interesting fact about your feathered friend.

Do get back to us for more and if you have any queries, suggestions, or fun facts to share. Till then, enjoy reading!