Do Birds Get Constipated | How to Prevent & Treat Constipation

Of all the illnesses and ailments that birds suffer with, you must be perplexed if your bird isn’t pooping properly. Most people think that constipation happens only in humans or mammals but the fact is that even your birds can get constipated. 

However, there are remedies for everything including getting constipated birds to poop properly. 

Do wild birds get constipated?

Yes, they do.  It may seem unlikely the birds may suffer from constipation due to a lack of fiber in their diet. The lack of water or oil in the diet may even result in constipation. The droppings of a constipated bird will be drier than usual. 

It happens because a bird’s bowels will pull more liquid out of the feces if there is a lack of water in the body. A constipated bird will have difficulty during defecation. 

It will be irritated with fluffed-up feathers and a general lack of interest in activities.

What is the Reasons behind Constipation in Birds?

In birds, constipation may result from a lack of activity alongside being on a diet that does not contain sufficient fiber, oil, or water. It is important for a bird to maintain a balance between the consumed food and water. 

If a bird consumes more food than water, then this will lead to constipation. In birds, gastroenteritis may even cause constipation. You have to keep an eye on the consistency of the dropping in order to determine if a bird is constipated.

How to Know If the Droppings are Normal?

In a constipated baby bird or adult bird, the color of the dropping will not match the color of the food. This is a sign of a health problem. If a bird passes dark stool despite eating light-colored edibles, then this is a sign of internal bleeding or parasitic infection. 

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In healthy birds, a blend of milky white liquid and soft solid particles will be present in the dropping. Any variation in the consistency of a bird’s dropping is a sign of an underlying health condition. 

For example, constipation may result from gastroenteritis. Hence, this is a serious health problem that requires immediate attention and treatment through a veterinary doctor.

Another thing that helps in understanding if the bird’s dropping is normal or not is the smell of the poop. A very pungent and strong smell is an indicator of digestive issues or bad health conditions in birds.

Many birds suffer from this, taking medical help can improve the birds’ health in such conditions.

What are the symptoms of bird constipation?

A constipated bird will pass firmer droppings in comparison to its normal consistency. However, this is not the only symptom of a constipated bird. A constipated bird will be irritable and inactive.

 You may even notice a constipated bird constantly pick its feathers. It will pass droppings less than normal. However, you may prevent constipation in your pet bird.

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To prevent constipation, you have to include the seeds that are rich in oil and fat in the diet of your pet bird. You may even include juicy fruits in your pet bird’s diet. They will be a source of fiber and multi-vitamins. 

You have to keep fresh water in the feeder at all times, as the food will be dry and blocked inside if a bird does not drink sufficient water. 

Gastroenteritis may cause constipation. You have to keep the cage and the feeder clean to prevent infection. Additionally, consulting with an avian veterinarian can help you with any medication, if needed. Usually, a fortified and balanced diet and water can help get your birds to poop normally. 

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What are some precautions for constipation in birds?

Birds can get constipated very easily due to wrong eating, changing weather conditions, and much more. It is important to keep an eye on certain factors to avoid constipation in your pet birds. Follow these precautionary measures to avoid constipation in birds.

  • One of the major reasons for constipation is dryness in the digestive tract and body. Giving food that is rich in oil and fat can help in keeping problems like constipation away. 
  • Give to your birds’ seeds that have a high content of fat and oil. Many fruits having vitamins, minerals and a high content of fiber also help to prevent constipation.
  • Make sure that your birds have a constant supply of cool and freshwater. As water is very crucial to keep the bird hydrated. In conditions of dehydration, the bird can experience severe constipation.
  • It is important to keep the cages of your birds clean. Using a disinfectant twice or thrice a week is also recommended to avoid infections such as gastroenteritis.

What is the Treatment of Constipation in Birds?

The first step to bird constipation treatment is adding more fiber to the diet. You may even let a constipated bird have a few drops of vegetable oil using a dropper.

You may have to use a piece of soft cloth that is soaked in warm water to remove the buildup of poop around a bird’s butt. You have to be careful, as aggressive rubbing tear the skin. 

If constipation persists despite following these measures, then you may have to put a few drops of vegetable oil directly into a bird’s cloaca. You have to carefully hold a bird upside down for a few minutes in order to let the oil flow inside. This is a risky task. 

It is prudent to consult with a veterinary doctor if constipation persists despite following these steps, as gastroenteritis may cause constipation and a vet can provide proper treatment.

How can owners manage bird dropping?

Well, one of the major concerts of bird owners is the bird droppings. Many owners sufferers the problem of proper disposal of the bird poop. There are some tips that can help you in managing bird poop-

The first thing you should try from the early age of the bird is to develop a habit of dropping poop at a certain place. It helps in collecting the poop in one place and makes the cleaning process easier.

You can buy many formulated cleaning liquids or powders that can easily wash poop marks and leave no trace of foul smell near the dwellings of the birds.

Many people also use air fresheners to cut down the bad smell that comes from the birds’ poop.

If your birds usually poop on a hard surface like the roof of the building, you can use a direct high-pressure water pump to wash away the poop.

Is it possible to make a bird poop at a certain place?

Birds are known to have sharp memories, they can easily find out their nests and breeding places while traveling greater distances.

This memory can be used in the early time of the bird’s life to make it poop at a certain place.

You need to notice the pooping pattern of the bird and carrying the bird at the same time when the bird poops can help in developing this habit.

After some time the bird will automatically start to poop at that place. You can make this process more foolproof by giving some reward like tasty food or something if the bird poops at the right place.


Birds eat whatever is available to them in their surroundings without giving much thought to the benefits and after-effects of the food.

In many cases, birds get constipated due to wrong eating habits or less moisture content in their intestines. Even pet birds’ can get constipated if the owners do not feed a proper and balanced diet to the bird.

Constipations are common in birds and can be treated easily with proper medical attention. Food rich in dietary fiber, oil, and moisture content can help in keeping constipation away.

It is advised to take precautionary measures and avoid constipation in birds.

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