Do Birds Get Periods? | If So, Do Female Birds Bleed During Periods?

No. Birds do not have a uterus thus they do not have a uterine lining. Hence, there is no shedding of the lining. This means no periods.

Do birds have periods and bleed?

Bird’s female reproductive system is different than mammals’. Usually, hen’s hits puberty in their 4-7 years of age. In other species like parrots and parakeets, it is 1 -3 years of age.

However, all the birds will have their ovarian development during their breeding season. When the birds are not breeding, their ovaries tend to shrink during this time.

Unlike humans and mammals, birds do not have to bleed, hence their eggs will never hatch within their bodies. Thus, they pop out forming a shell around it. If they get to fertilize the chicks (babies) we see, or it’s just the eggs that we have always loved eating.

Just like human females, ovulation happens in the birds too. One can compare the egg ovulation process. However like not all eggs produce a chick, this only happens when the hens mate roosters. Let’s say, if you have a couple of hens with no rooster, the hens will still lay the eggs as usual but won’t produce the chick.

So, technically we can say that eggs are the product of a bird’s menstrual cycle.

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Do female birds bleed during periods?

No, female birds don’t bleed as they don’t experience actual periods like humans. This happens only in mammals and there is a specific season/time. For example dogs, they experience periods twice a year.

Menstruation is about the shedding of endometrial blood and tissues from the uterus. Birds do not have that kind of mechanism. Birds have an oviduct but no uterus thus no periods and no bleeding.

Do parrots get periods?

Yes, parrots are one of those exclusive species that get periods. Parrots do have a menstrual cycle and tend to be reproductive during a certain time in the year.

It has been observed that when the new features are growing during their molting season, it’s when the parrots hit their puberty (adult phase) feather bleeding occurs. The new features have blood vessels that help to grow.

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Do parakeets get periods?

Parakeets do not get periods. The blood is only if they lose feathers. Either they might be preening the feathers themselves or just it happened accidentally.

Parakeets undergo their “Hormonal phase” rising the estrogen and testosterone levels. Thus, during their mating season, a single hormonal hit parakeet will try to mate with its pair. When bonded with the other budgie, these parakeets are likely to produce babies. Otherwise, the female singe parakeet will lay infertile eggs.

Female parakeets like other birds lay their eggs soon after they mate. However, they lay their eggs every other day, unlike other birds. Ideally, there are 5 to 8 eggs which can vary.

Do cockatiels have periods?

No. Cockatiels do not have periods. This happens when they have a tear in their feather. The “blood feather” is because of the broken shaft or they tried to pull out themselves. This may be cured by taking them to the vet.

 The female Cockatiels can lay eggs without their mate. However, these eggs are infertile ones thus produce no babies. During their breeding season, this species will lay one egg after another, rounding off to five.

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In Conclusion

For every bird the reproductive system and breeding season are different. However, to conclude birds do not have periods like mammals and humans. With no uterus, a menstrual cycle is absent thus no periods.

Parrots are one of those rarest birds to have periods. Their mating behavior, breeding, and reproductive differ from other birds. 

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