Do Crows Attack People | What Do Crows Hate? | Will They Attack If Provoked?

Crows are smart, social, and extremely intelligent birds. But the more one learns about them, the more intriguing these birds get. But when it comes to crow-human relationships, a question pops up: Do crows attack humans?

Do crows attack people?

Crows attack people, especially at the time of the breeding season when they are protecting their young ones and nests. 

Many people encounter attacks every year in different parts of the world. They can hit the person with their wings or can even peck his head. 

Will crows kill you or can they kill humans? 

Crows may get aggressive but they are not capable of killing a person. Crows do not attack so violently. The attacks can be traumatic as it happens suddenly but aren’t deadly.

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Why would crows attack a person?

Crows will attack a person if they feel threatened. Due to their territorial behavior, crows become protective of their young ones. They defend their territory or the area around their nests by attacking any person, animal, or rival bird. This is why most of the attacks occur during the breeding season. 

Crows spend a lot of energy and time caring for their chicks. They incubate their eggs for approximately 20 days and feed their young for about a month. So, when they see a person coming near their nests, they become defensive. 

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How do you stop crows attacking?

There are many ways that you can take to prevent yourself from being attacked by crows. The ways include:

  • Avoid the areas that are most likely to be used by crows for nesting. Instead, take an alternative route.
  • Carry an umbrella to keep the attackers away and to protect your head. This way you will be able to walk past them without being noticed by the crows.
  • Do not go near young birds even if you have no intention to hurt them. As adult crows cannot access your intention, they will take you as a threat and scare you away by attacking.
  • Do not hit, hurt or make aggressive moves towards crows as it may insinuate them to attack you. Keep walking on your path so that you distance yourself from their territory.
  • Carry some peanuts or seeds to distract crows. This can also help you build a friendly introduction with them. 

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What do Crows hate?

Crows, generally, dislike few things and cannot withstand them. They get pissed off and usually fly away. The things include:

  • Anything shiny or reflecting such as CDs, aluminum plates, or anything that reflects shiny glare. 
  • A place with dim lighting at night as they mostly congregate at lit areas.
  • Laser lights are not entertained by the crows. They dislike it and get disturbed. 

Will crows attack if provoked? 

Crows can attack if harassed or provoked. They get provoked if you swat or yell at them. Crows can dive-bomb you or caw loudly to annoy or scare you.

They can get pissed off and attack angrily. Crows can become violent if provoking involves their young ones. 

Do crows remember you?

Crows, being extremely intelligent, are capable of remembering human faces. They can recognize the appearance of a person and remember it for up to 5 years. 

They not only have long-term memory but also have acute discrimination abilities. Whether it’s a bird-feeder or someone who harassed them, crows can recognize the particular human. 

But, do crows take revenge on the people that have bothered them in the past? Or Do crows hold a grudge?

Crows can remember and relate human faces with negative and positive situations or feelings. So if someone upsets them, they take revenge by dive-bombing or attacking that person. 

They hold grudges and also convey the information along. Ravens, including crows, can hold grudges for up to two or more years. 

Is crow bite dangerous?

Birds, generally, spread infections or diseases through their droppings. A bite may only cause a mild infection superficially. Therefore, crow bites aren’t so dangerous.

If the bite does not break the skin, it causes bruises and swelling. The bite can only get severe if it breaks the skin and causes bleeding. Otherwise, in most cases, the crow bites have been harmless.

What to do if a crow bites you?

If a crow bites you and it bleeds, it is necessary to first take the tetanus vaccine, antibiotic course, and visit a doctor for appropriate treatment. Otherwise, if it doesn’t bleed, take a pain reliever and put in some cold packs to minimize swelling and bruising.

The wound from the bite gets severe, seek medical help immediately. However, the crow bites usually aren’t so severe. 

If you want to handle the scratch or wound from the bite on your own, you should clean the wound properly, use a disinfectant, and then apply an antibiotic ointment on it. Then, cover the wound and keep it dry and clean.

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