Do Crows Eat Chipmunks? Do They Attack Or Kill Them?

If you have both crows and chipmunks in your backyard or they are frequent visitors, you will see them fighting along. 

Intro Video - Backtobirds
Intro Video - Backtobirds

Yes, crows do eat chipmunks. Baby chipmunks are one of the favorites among crows. 

Apart from the restaurant scrap, nuts, dead animals, etc., crows can eat everything that makes them feel full, and when it’s a healthy and tasty chipmunk, they don’t let go of the chance.

Why Do Crows Attack Chipmunks?

Crows and chipmunks are neighborly species. While chipmunks either make burrows or nests, crows live in tree branches. 

In some areas, crows live alongside chipmunks and live like peaceful neighbors. But if a crow has found nothing to eat, they will try to find something, and a baby chipmunk will top the list.

Usually, crows eat dead animals. Most often, people think that they don’t kill or attack; they only enjoy the corpse. It is not true. In many areas where it is hard for crows to find food, they attack small animals. 

Rats and baby chipmunks, as they are almost the same size, are often chased by crows or a murder of crows, sometimes for food, other times for fun.

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Are Crows Faster Than Chipmunks?

Yes, though chipmunks are fast and swift, they do not have the crow’s ability to fly. Plus, chipmunks play a very risky game. 

They often roam around freely near the trees, finding and hiding nuts, taking care of babies, and doing other tasks. They make mistakes, and crows take advantage of the fact. 

Sometimes chipmunks’ tails end the game for them, as crows often catch chipmunks by grabbing their tails.

Do Crows Attack Chipmunks?

Yes, their beak helps them a lot. They love to catch prey that fights back. Chipmunks, being small animals with big tails, are often caught by their tails. 

Crows peck at their target again and again until it slows down, stops fighting, or dies. It is pretty easy for crows to attack and kill baby chipmunks. They are not very fast, they don’t run fast, and they die easily. 

Crows don’t normally target adult chipmunks or squirrels. Yes, a raven that is larger than a crow can definitely challenge an adult chipmunk and win.

Are Chipmunks Preyed By Other Animals or Birds As Well?

Yes. Not only crows but other animals and birds also consider chipmunks a good serving. 

Snakes, hawks, raccoons, weasels, bobcats, foxes, coyotes, etc., are some other predators which easily prey on chipmunks. These little furry chipmunks look cute, but they are also omnivores and play a good role in the food chain by being both- prey and a predator.

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What Are The Other Foods That Crows Eat?  

Crows eat everything. They are omnivores. They look for the nuts hidden by chipmunks. If they don’t find them, they eat the chipmunks themselves. 

Yes, they eat nutshells, nuts, seeds, grains, fruits (if they are lucky enough to find any), worms, insects, etc. Apart from this, they eat eggs, dead bodies of any type of animal, birds, etc.

Basically, crows live on leftovers. They can be found in the dark black alleys, searching for food in the garbage cans and dumps. They can be seen in green fields, too, pecking on grains. 

If you have a feeder in the backyard, you can see them shooing away other birds to eat the seeds. Alongside, if they see a chipmunk crossing the road, they might prey and relish it.

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Do crows eat other animals too?

If there is an animal or bird who is threatening their family or young ones, they will attack the living one too. They can even attack kittens. 

Whether it is food or family, they will attack little animals like kittens and chipmunks either way. Hence, crows are not just scavengers.

Final Words

It is not an uncommon sight to see a crow chasing a squirrel or a chipmunk. Sometimes they get along well, but when the crow family needs protection, it will make the chipmunk an enemy. 

Though crows don’t hesitate to eat chipmunks, if you have a pet chipmunk, you don’t really need to shoo away all the crows from your backyard feeder. But when you notice a fight between them, you must safeguard your little pet.