Do crows eat pigeon eggs? | Why do crows attack pigeons?

Crows and pigeons are two of the most commonly sighted birds in our neighborhoods. Both species are intelligent and can recognize human faces. Pigeons have the intellectual capacity of a 3-year old child while crows have the intelligence of a 7-year old child. 

Intro Video - Backtobirds
Intro Video - Backtobirds

Crows live in a variety of habitats such as open agricultural lands, trees, and suburban areas of cities. Pigeons live in every place that is available to them. They make nests on trees, terraces, and other areas such as windows and ducts of buildings. Since the living habits of crows and pigeons are the same, they often tend to cross one another’s paths. 

Though both the birds are intelligent, pigeons avoid crows because they are more intelligent and stronger. Pigeons stay away from crows especially when they are away from the flock as crows tend to attack weak birds when they are alone and vulnerable. 

Bird lovers have many questions about crows and pigeons. Most of them are related to the feeding habits of the crows such as, do crows eat pigeons? Do crows kill pigeonsDo crows eat pigeon eggs? etc. 

Do Crows Eat Pigeons? 

Crows are omnivorous birds and scavengers. They eat anything that is available to them. Most of the time, crows do not chase pigeons as it is too much of a task to do so. However, you can see them feasting on dead pigeons. 

Crows are also opportunistic hunters, who prefer to prey on weak and injured birds. Sometimes, crows attack pigeons, sparrows, and other smaller birds when they find them to be an easy kill. Crows also attack pigeons when they get too close to the crow’s nest and appear to be a threat. 

Do Crows Chase Pigeons? 

Crows and pigeons keep their distance from each other.  However, in some scenarios, we can see the crows chasing the pigeons such as 

  • Crows chase away pigeons and other smaller birds to get access to food. So if you have a bird feeder on your terrace or balcony, you can observe that the moment the crows arrive, other birds fly away and keep their distance. 
  • Crows also chase pigeons when they get too close to their territories. They may feel that the pigeon is a threat to their nest and chase it away. 
  • When a crow senses that the pigeon is injured and weak, it may chase the pigeon to kill it for a meal. 

Do Crows Eat Pigeon Eggs? 

Eggs are a delicious source of nutrients for many animals. Moreover, They are easy to find and eat. Most of the animals and birds like to feast on bird eggs when the parent birds are away. Crows actively search for nesting birds and bird nests. 

Crows often steal pigeon eggs and carry them to safe eating points. They make a small hole on the side or bottom of the egg to insert their beak. They lift the egg up and empty the contents into their mouth. 

But do crows attack pigeon nests to devour the eggs or the baby pigeons? 

Do Crows Attack Pigeon Nests? 

Crows are intelligent birds. They do not attack other animals until they are threatened or hungry. However, they will not let go of an opportunity to devour dead or weak animals. Crows like to eat eggs of other smaller birds. 

They scan the surroundings for nests with eggs or baby birds. They sometimes attack open nests to steal the eggs or the nestlings. 

Do Crows Eat Baby Pigeons? 

Yes, crows eat pigeon hatchlings, nestlings, and fledglings. They are an easy target for hungry crows. They attack the nests when the parent pigeons are away and savor the baby pigeons. Many other birds and animals such as eagles, raccoons, squirrels, cats, etc. eat eggs and babies of pigeons and other birds. 

That is the reason, parent pigeons take turns to safeguard their eggs and babies. One of the parents stays in the nest while the other goes in search of food. 

 As you can see, crows and pigeons are not best friends. They try to avoid each other whenever possible. However, sometimes they tend to get into one another’s territory. Crows are way stronger and intelligent than pigeons in many aspects. They feast on pigeon eggs, babies, and adult pigeons whenever they get an opportunity.

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