Do crows eat rats and mice? | Will they attack or prey on them?

Crows are very intelligent, loud, and raucous birds and belong to the Corvidae family.  They have a tight-knit family and roost in thousands of members to protect themselves from their enemies. They are highly vocal and have exceptional problem-solving and communication skills.

Crows are known as “ habitat generalists,” implementing their habitat as diverse and variable across the planet. They are charismatic and are incredibly adaptable birds found in every possible environment- forests, deserts, agricultural areas, mountains, arctic tundra, and rocky cliffs, and get along with each habitant with ease.

Because of their black feathers with a shiny and iridescent nature, they get associated with death. They have a history of loathing and fear, also used as symbols of bad omen in mythology and other cultures.  

They are considered pests by farmers. Crows eat insects that damage vegetation and protect their crops and seedlings. While flying and walking, crows will investigate and keep an eye out for prey like bugs, mice, and small lizards. They happily dine with an already deceased creature. The degree of ripeness of a dead body never matters to them.

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Will crows kill rats?

Yes, crows hunt and eat rats and mice. Crows are opportunistic birds – famous for being predators and scavengers.  Crows attack small animals that look like their potential food and incapable of harming them.

Crows eat a diverse range of food ranging from plants to meat.  Crows being opportunistic birds, wait for a lump of potential flesh, dive, and hunt running rats for their meal. Crows immediately lunge at mice and rats once they see them running around farming lands and urban streets.

Being Omnivorous, Crows kill and consume from small mammals to worms and insects. Crows are territorial birds. They tend to find their food within their space and area that they consider their territory. Killing their prey, at first, sight is the easiest survival way for them. If they can’t find any mice or rats lurking around, they won’t search to kill or hunt.

Newborn birds and animals are their easy targets. On finding any potential small animal meat, generally, crows lower themselves and kill it down. That is their favorite way of preying. Crows favor hunting rodents more than other prey – rats and mice are members of rodents’ families.

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 Will they hunt or prey on rats and mice?

Yes, they hunt and prey on rats and mice. Crows are scavengers. They never say no to deceased rats and are preferred as prey for their meal. 

When they see a live rat loitering on roadsides and grass, they will pursue and attack it. Killing and hunting rodents are not their daily activities or duties. With the wide range of prey options, they pick up the easiest and the most manageable food for consumption.

When crows encounter mice or rats, they take down their prey with one peck without any chasing scene.

Why do crows favor hunting rats and mice?

Mice are little nuisance creatures. They have no intention to fight back if they attack. Both rats and mice are not dangerous and harmful for predators and are likely to escape rather than fight or re-attack for their life.

Mostly crows target small rats or mice, because big ones sprint and hide in their underground hole, it’s hard for crows to pick them.  Crows don’t have sharp claws and beaks like an eagle for an instant kill with one beak. They would take a few minutes to hunt giant rats.

Crows are fascinating birds and use their intelligence as a tool in hunting.  Crows are not gifted with long and sharp claws in nature to hunt the mice and snatch them up. They will target and peck the rat’s tail base continuously until it dies or slows down and weakens enough to surrender them. If the prey attempts to fight-back for survival crows carefully jump back to dodge the attack. 

Crows cannot hunt with speed and style as other aerial predators like hawks or owls, and it is why they mostly avoid hunting birds and big mammals. 

If they hunt rats or mice in dangerous areas like roads or crowded areas with high potential predators lurking around, they prefer to carry their prey somewhere safer and enjoy it.

Crows are not feeding birds, they will survive their own. In the growing days, they have also started getting adapted to food being provided by humans. From Seeds and grains to meat and rice, crows prefer to eat it all. 

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