Do Crows eat Squirrels? | WIll they attack them. If so, How?

Yes, crows can eat squirrels unless its size becomes a challenge while preying. 

Intro Video - Backtobirds
Intro Video - Backtobirds

Well, it’s quite normal to see a crow holding a small dead animal in its beak. Such scenarios clear the doubt that, yes, the crows are carnivores, and they can easily prey on small animals, which makes it easy to answer- “do crows eat squirrels?” 

We’ve already said yes, but when it comes to squirrels, they are fast and not easy targets. So it becomes a tough job for a crow to kill a squirrel without its herd. But why do crows attack them? Is it for food only? Crows can eat both plants and animals, so they always have choices, then, why do crows eat squirrels? Let’s unbutton the secret below.

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Why Do Crows Attack Squirrels?

In spite of having a symbiotic relationship, crows attack squirrels for food and the protection of their offsprings. 

However, just like squirrels, crows are herbivores too. They peck on agricultural fields, fruits, seeds, nuts, etc. You might be thinking, if this is the thing then why do they attack squirrels?

Well, it’s becauses crows are omnivores, granivores, invertivore, and scavengers too that help them to make their food choices according to the availability. 

However, let’s take a look at the below section as we’ve discussed the pre-mentioned reasons in detail below.

For Food

The first requirement for any human or animal is food, and primarily if a crow kills a squirrel, it is for food. Crows and squirrels both live on the trees. Crows find squirrels as soft targets because they keep running around her and there. 

But squirrels are really fast. Hence, for a small bird like a crow, it is challenging to grab an adult squirrel and eat it, let alone kill it. Mostly, the baby squirrels are targeted by crows as they are inexperienced and can be caught easily,  

For Protection of Offsprings

When crows breed, they stay close to their nests and do not allow anyone else within their territory. So squirrels also don’t get spared when they enter crows’ territory. Even crows are so intelligent that when a crow dies, others find out the reason for the death. They make their territories and protect them. 

As squirrels and crows are neighbors, mostly living on the same trees, it often happens that squirrels and crows cross each other’s path. It may cause a duel between them. 

But squirrels and crows are almost the same sizes, which makes it difficult for a crow to beat a squirrel alone. They do attack squirrels but mostly for the protection of their offsprings. And if a squirrel dies, crows eat them.

How Do Crows Attack Squirrels?

Generally, crows attack an animal in a group. Their group is called a “murder”. They peck at the squirrels with their beaks, and when the squirrel gets unconscious or gives up, they eat it up. Though they are not so courageous as to attack an adult squirrel. They attack babies more often. 

Do Crows and Squirrels Never Get Along?

Yes, they do get along sometimes. Both are neighbors and only attack each other when one of them crosses the other’s territorial boundaries. As crows can eat anything like nuts, peanuts, insects, worms, etc., they do not usually go on preying on a squirrel. Squirrels also find plenty of things to eat around trees and in the grass. So, crows and squirrels get along alright but also fight each other when needed.

Final Words

If you ever see a crow eating squirrels, don’t be shocked. It is quite normal for them to eat dead animals or prey baby squirrels. Crows are not very specific about their choice of eating a squirrel, but if they killed one or they found a dead one, they won’t deny eating it.

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