Do Crows Make Good Pets | What Should One Know Before Considering Crow As A Pet

A crow is a ubiquitous bird that is found in almost every part of the globe. We can sight it almost everywhere. Moreover, studies have indicated it as one of the most intelligent birds that are equally observant of humans, can make tools, have analytical abilities, and do many things that are attributed solely to human brains. 

Intro Video - Backtobirds
Intro Video - Backtobirds

Despite its notorious reputation, the intelligence and intrigue around the crows, make one think, ‘Do crows make good pets?’ If you are also thinking about crows as a pet and wondering if crows are good pets, this write-up is for you. Stay touted! 

Do crows make good pets? 

Despite dwelling more in urban areas and being far more intelligent than previously thought, a crow is a wild animal. By all standards, crows do not make good pets even though they can be domesticated.  

A crow belongs to the raven and corvid family. Being a wild bird, one cannot expect it to behave like a cat, a dog, or even a parakeet. Hence, if you are wondering, ‘are crows good pets?’- No, their wild habitat instinct, high intelligence, social living, and other traits make them poor pets.  

Another instinct that makes crows a poor pet is their omnivorous nature, i.e., they eat fruits, vegetables, and meat. But corvids are used to ROADKILL! It means they hunt on their prey and feed on a fresh kill.

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Another thing that makes keeping crows as pets difficult is their taste of variety. Crows feed on a large variety of food and do not like to have the same type of food daily. It becomes a challenge for any pet owner. 

Do crows like being petted? 

Crows are wild animals. In their habitat, being touched is like getting on the verge of being eaten. Hence, they are skittish and aloof by nature.  

But they might allow petting once tamed and when their trust has been won wholly. But this is never guaranteed. 

Can crows be domesticated? 

Being wild animals, they cannot be domesticated, though they can be tamed to some extent. They recognize humans and can befriend them if the right path is followed. But their wild instincts do not change.  

Can a crow be tamed? Are crows affectionate? 

Yes, crows can be tamed, but it’s a challenging task. Most countries have made it illegal to keep crows as pets. You need special permission to keep a crow as a pet.  

Crows are incredibly suspicious birds, and thus, they are barely affectionate. The only affection you would see them displaying is to the crow sitting beside it and possibly preening it. It is this nature that makes them a near-impossible pet. But they are also emotional birds and display a wide array of emotions from afar.  

What should you know before considering crow as a pet? 

It is illegal to keep crows and ravens as pets as they are migratory birds who need to fly long distances at least twice a year. However, one can befriend them.  

Nevertheless, many want to keep them as pets because of their high intelligence. For this, you must look into the following considerations. 

  • Being wild birds, crows and ravens might never learn to behave well in a cage even though it is large, highly comfortable, and even outdoors.
  • Crows live in groups, and the family bond is vital for them. Depriving them of it is the worst thing that you can do to them.  
  • Crows usually do not attack or bite humans. But when they are pushed too far, they can do a nasty super-strong bite which can crush a small bone. This makes them dangerous as pets. 
  • Crows barely make pleasing or attractive sounds. Their squeaking gurgling croaks mimic close to alarming calls. Hence, their voice would often be irritating and not soothing around the house.  
  • Crows need plenty of space, as are territorial birds. They are almost obsessed with working in pairs. Due to this, they show abnormal behavior when caged alone.  
  • Finally, if you still want to keep crows as pets, you would need a special permit from the government, and your reason must have plenty of weight. Remember, crows have been protected under the migratory bird act since 1918. 

How can I acquire a pet crow? 

As already stated, you would need a legal permit first to keep a crow as a pet. Then, you must always purchase it from a reputable breeder. Moreover, you must know everything about taking care of the crows in captivity.  

It is interesting to note that crows have an average lifespan of fifteen years, which is known to double in captivity. Moreover, pet crows are highly expensive.  

Predominantly, wide-necked ravens or pied crows are offered as pets.  

How do you care for a pet crow? 

Taking care of a pet crow is no mean task. For instance, a baby crow needs to be fed every fifteen minutes. Keeping the crows in a cage is a big No. They also require a balanced omnivorous diet that can be difficult to craft by any person.  

Hence, it’s always advised to learn the correct way of caring for them by volunteering in sanctuaries, aviaries, and shelters. You would be able to learn plenty that would help you in taking care of the corvids impeccably.  

What is it like to have a pet crow? 

Crows as pets are not terrible but difficult. Once tamed, a pet crow is like any other bird. They can bond closely with their owners and make intriguing companions. They can not only imitate human speech better than the parrots, but also the sounds of cars and whistles.  

More so, they can give you a run for your money conversation-wise, as they can even attempt to hold a real conversation with you. Overall, they are truly amazing birds as pets. 

How to befriend a crow? 

For ages, crows and humans have coexisted together. Crows dwell primarily in urban areas. It is uncanny that they observe us as carefully as we observe them. Moreover, they remember human faces to the extent of who has been good to them and who has misbehaved. Given that, we can befriend a crow. However, we need to follow the correct norms. The step-by-step guide should help you.  

Find food to the crow’s taste. 

Urban crows are surprisingly picky and finicky about their food choices, probably because of a wide variety of food available to them. Hence, you need to find the food to your area’s crows liking by a trial-and-error method. They would swoop and grab the food they like. The food which remains to lie throughout the day is not to their liking.  

Another thing that you need to take care of is to leave healthy food and not junk and harmful food for them. Unsalted peanuts, bread, chapattis, biscuits, etc., are some food items loved by the corvids.  

Keep enough stock of food.  

You must regularly feed them. Hence, it is important that you never miss even for a day. For that, you must always have adequate stock of crow food.  

Feed food at a regular schedule 

You must always feed the crows at a fixed schedule. Crows tend to visit a food hot spot at the same time in quest of food. The relationship will not gel in the absence of a rhythm for interaction.  

Don’t overdo 

While feeding the crows, you should never scatter too much food. Doing so will make the crows dependent on you. Any miss might make them aggressive. You should throw just a handful or so to show your love and caring for them.  

Add a birdbath 

Like all birds, crows also need water. Hence, adding a birdbath to the feeding area would make it more enticing for the crows. They could drink, splash, bathe, and cool off. Install a birdbath that is most suitable for crows, like a deeper basin with a sturdy ledge.  

Be dependable, steadfast, and observant 

Crows are strangely skittish and highly distrustful of humans. They will only come to any premise if they deem it safe. Hence, it’s important that you scatter the food and observe them from a distance. You must never walk away after scattering the food. It would help them identify you as a part of the safe territory.  

Crows are territorial birds. Hence, it is best that you observe them and adhere to a routine of their liking.  

Keep your distance 

Despite being smart, inquisitive, and curious birds, crows are wild animals. They feel threatened when you try to get too close to them. Hence, you must always keep your distance and admire them from afar while befriending them.  

Wrapping up  

We hope to have given you significant information on ‘Do crows make good pets?’ In a nutshell, we can state that it’s always best to appreciate the charms of a crow from afar and befriend them instead of trying to keep them as pets.  

However, if you still want to keep them as pets and are ready for the difficulty it poses, it would be worth the money and effort. The social, intelligent, and delightful creature can be a wonderful addition to any family. 

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