Do Crows Talk like Parrots? | How do they Communicate?

For ages, birds have attracted us with their unique qualities. The most fascinating of them are birds mimicking the speech of humans. We know parrots of doing it with flawless perfection. It leads us to wonder if any other birds, too, can talk. More specifically, ‘Do Crows Talk?’ 

Intro Video - Backtobirds
Intro Video - Backtobirds

In this write-up, we would try to explore the answer to it and a few fascinating facts connected to it. Read on! 

Do Crows Talk? 

Giving a point-blank answer, crows can mimic human speech just like parrots. They can be trained to speak, especially in captivity, just like parrots.  

Like parrots, crows can be trained to talk. It is a common myth that you need to fork their tongue to make them talk. But the truth is that they can naturally mimic human sound without any mutilating.  

The crow talk is a hot topic of research with scientists at present, as a lot is still unknown about it.  

How Can Crows Mimic Human Sounds? 

Crows are able to mimic human sounds because of their syrinx. For talking or mimicking, one needs to be intelligent and have a memory. Crows have both of these qualities. They can remember what they have heard and can recall and mimic them precisely the same way.  

Here, it might be pointed out that the crows do not communicate the same way as we humans do. The sounds are just mimicry of what they have heard. If crows are kept in captivity and trained to talk, you get remarkable results.  

Can all Crows Talk and Mimic? 

Just like humans have variation in the intelligence and memory quotient, so do crows. Just like parrots, not all crows can talk and mimic. Even if all are given the training, all would not be mimicking with the same fluency.  

A crow that has been injured or has been living far away from humans will probably never utter a human sound throughout his life. But if you keep a crow as a pet and train it to talk, you are likely to get the same result as you would get with a parrot. Another interesting fact to note is that some crows might even be shy to speak.  

This is because crows are quite similar to parrots and share the same ability. They also show the same diversity as humans. Hence, not all crows would talk and mimic even if they have that trait. 

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Why do Crows Talk Like Parrots? 

Crows can talk like parrots because of their ability to use their syrinx and mimic the sounds that they have heard and retained in their memory. Just like parrots, they too can mimic random sounds that they hear.  

From a scientific point of view, crows and parrots can talk because of their remarkable ability to be vocal learners. They can effortlessly grasp the sounds that they hear and can mimic them at impressive speed and time. However, you must realize that they merely say the words and barely understand what they are saying.  

It must also be noted that between a crow and a parrot, the latter is a better speaker and displays greater talent.  

Can you teach a crow to talk? 

Yes, you can easily train a crow to talk in captivity. Crows are known to the smartest and one of the most intelligent birds on earth. They are touted to be smarter than apes. Studies show that they have their own language, which they use to communicate with one another. The caw of two crows differs from one another.  

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A crow also changes the tone and rasp of his caw depending on the emotion he/she is feeling. They have one of the sharpest memories. They can remember human faces and are known to observe human behavior sharply. Many characteristics of crows display their sharp cognitive behavior.  

These unique traits, along with the ability to mimic, make the crows teachable. To help the crow learn to talk, you should ideally start with small and simple words and repeatedly utter them around the crows with all the enthusiasm that you can muster. It is because crows tend to pick up the excitement vibes and learn really fast! Be prepared to be shocked at how intelligent, smart and sharp, they truly are! 

Final words  

The intelligence of crows and their cognitive similarities to man is gradually coming to light. But one thing is crystal clear. Crows can mimic and talk like parrots. Have you seen any crow talking? Do let us know more about this!

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