Do Hummingbirds Get Diabetes From Too Much Sugar Water?

This world’s smallest birdie, “Hummingbirds” needs a sugar rush to maintain its high metabolic life.

Do hummingbirds get diabetes?

No. They don’t. Hummingbirds can fly thousands of miles high, keeping their metabolic rate up by feeding themselves sugary water.

Why Do Hummingbirds Don’t Get Diabetes?

Sugar consumption can cause diabetes is largely a human perception. But that’s not the case with birds, at least hummingbirds. These tiny birds need to fuel their body and sugar seems to be the right ingredient that makes up the large component of their diet.

Their main source of diet is proteins which are consumed by eating insects. Along with the proteins, they are fed fats, vitamins, as well as minerals.

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Consuming sugary food and water is not a problem for hummingbirds. To maintain their high metabolic rate, hummingbirds require consuming a huge amount of energy. However, the majority of the energy-packed food that is quickly available to them is flower nectar.

Hummingbirds eat a lot, drink a lot, and pee a lot. And these symptoms explain the reason behind their high metabolism and water-rich diet.

Hummingbirds tend to have high blood glucose levels that are so high to develop serious complications when compared to human bodies but, in hummingbirds, the absorption and consumption of the sugars play a vital role in keeping them up and chirpy.

What Does Hummingbird’s Diet Comprise?

Hummingbirds will pluck insects directly off the shrubs, flowers, and trees. They will primarily eat bugs, ants, small flies, insect eggs, small spiders, larva, and gnats. Hummingbirds are deficient in minerals and vitamins thus, are ashes.

Hummingbird has 1260 beats per minute, thus they need a sugar rush. Hummingbird consumes 90% of the nectar. However, their bodies are designed to digest sucrose.

Attracting Hummingbirds

If you wish to attract hummingbirds, studying about them will help you design your backyard into a perfect feeding place to satiate hungry hummingbirds. To attract these smallest birdies, consider having their right type of foods:

  • Planting native shrubs and flowering plants that produce nectar can be the best way to attract hummingbirds. This includes coral bells, tubular flowers, and honeysuckle. Apart from seasonal flowers, choose to have those flowering plants that bloom flowers throughout the year.
  • It is not recommended to spray pesticide or insecticide where you have designed the feeder platform for hummingbirds. Hummingbirds and other similar birds will binge on the insects providing natural pest control.
  • Keep hummingbird feeders handy. This helps you to provide them with sucrose nectar. Hence, offering them regular sugar intake will keep them coming back to the feeder more.  Make sure that the portion of the sugary water is appropriate. Do not dilute anything other than sugar and keep the water plain.
  • Hummingbirds are summer birds. The variety of hummingbirds can be explored during this time. Thus, having a suitable feeding station built for them will provide them a regular source of water and food. Hene, they will be glued to your backyard and will never leave your place.

If you are committing to maintaining a feeder, you will be helping hummingbirds extend their lifespan. In turn, they will express you by entertaining you with their colorful presence and chatter in your backyard.

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What Kind Of Diet Is Good For Hummingbirds?

Apart from nectar, hummingbirds binge on a variety of other items like:

Bugs, insect eggs, larva, ants, small spiders, etc. These provide them proteins which is a crucial nutritional element that is required for their hatching.

When hummingbirds have nectar scarcity, they often find the alternative by binging on tree sap. It might not be as sweet as nectar but it provides ample sucrose that is needed for their body.

Pollen is the next best thing they need that they sip. It is a viable food source for hummingbirds where they sip nectar and often hunt insects from it.

Fruits like any other bird, hummingbirds are attracted towards them. Juicy fruits like cranberry, oranges, apples, pears, and all types of berries they love sipping.

Choosing Feed And Feeding Them Right

Buy a hummingbird feeder that you can clean easily. Scrubbing, washing inside out the parts of the feeder should be hassle-free. The vets recommend using only plain water in the ratio where sugar is 1:4. Do not use honey or any other kinds of sugar that encourage molasses, fungal growth, and rust which can be dangerous for their health.

Plain white sugar acts as natural nectar hence do not fall for commercial feed. Furthermore, there is no requirement to boil or refrigerate the water, just pour the water and mix one spoon of sugar into it.

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