Do Hummingbirds Have Predators? What Threats and Dangers Can Kill Hummingbirds?

Yes, Hummingbirds do have predators. These little birds who produce humming sounds with the flapping of their wings are endangered by humans as well as other birds and animals. 

In the food chain, every bird or animal is prey to another animal or bird, but these little creatures are endangered by insects as well. They are found in places like Arizona, California, Texas, and the Andes Mountains on the western coast of South America.

At the rate humans are destroying wildlife, these birds are finding it hard to find natural habitats.

Who Are Hummingbird Predators?

The list is a long one as this little bird is a favorite among several birds and animals and makes a good snack for them.


If you have a hummingbird feeder and the birds are regular visitors to your yard, you need to hang it high above as domestic cats are a major reason for disappearing hummingbirds in the localities.

They are easily caught by these quick cats, and you can often see a cat hosting a party with a hummingbird as a snack.

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Large Birds

The most popular bird predator of hummingbirds is the hawk. Be in forest or urban areas, the large bird is often found preying on the little birdies, including hummingbirds.

The size of a hummingbird is very small and does not count as a good plate for hawks, but as hummingbirds start fattening in summer and spring to survive winters, they make good food. The birds are also caught by hawks while protecting their nests.

Other large birds like American Kestrels, kites, Merlins, loggerhead shrikes, etc., prey on hummingbirds.


Hummingbirds can fly, but frogs can’t. Still, the jumping creature finds it quite easy to jump out of the pond and prey on hummingbirds. They can also sneak into the feeders if they are not placed at a high point.


Normally spiders weave a web to trap insects, but hummingbirds have been witnessed to be caught in spider webs as they try to use spider silk for making nests. One must not undermine the strength of a spider’s web. A hummingbird’s size ranges between 3-5 inches. They are easy prey for the spiders as well.


It may sound ridiculous, but a mantis can also catch a hummingbird. They look smaller in size, but the insect is ferocious when it comes to attacking. It finds hummingbirds quite a good target.

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Squirrels and Dragonflies

Squirrels are fast little creatures that find it quite easy to hijack hummingbird feeders or prey on their eggs and young ones. Squirrels, rats, chipmunks, and even blue jays can prey on hummingbirds.

Dragonflies can also feed on hummingbirds if they succeed in catching them. There have been videos of dragonflies feeding on the male ruby-throated hummingbirds.

Other Predators

Apart from all these, the hummingbirds who are living in the wild face many more wild animals and birds who eat them. Other animals include bats, ravens, toucans, grackles, lizards, snakes, and more, which endanger hummingbirds.

Is hummingbirds endangered?

Yes, hummingbirds are often endangered and threatened. They are nectar feeders. They survive on flowers and their nectar. Some species only feed on particular flowers which are not found in the urban areas.

Hummingbirds are rainforest creatures and find it difficult to adjust in urban localities though they can live in a habitat you create, similar to their natural one.

With the speed at which forests are being cut, and natural habitats are being destroyed, hummingbird species are getting endangered.

Black-breasted puffleg, colorful puffleg, Sapphire-bellied hummingbird, turquoise-throated puffleg are some of the species of hummingbird which are endangered to become extinct in 10 years.

How To Protect Hummingbirds From Threats?

While habitat loss is a major threat to these little birds, you can help the hummingbirds in your yard in the following ways-

Avoid Using Pesticide

If hummingbirds are frequent visitors to your yard, avoid using pesticides as they feed on the nectar of these flowers and get poisoned.

Every year millions of birds die due to pesticide poisoning. There are non-chemical products to protect your plants.

Install Window Hummingbird Feeders

Hummingbirds fly very fast, and more often than not, they collide with windows and die because the clear glass windows reflect the trees, and the birds get fooled. You can use a window feeder to slow the birds down.

Place The Feeder At A High Point

Hummingbirds are often preyed on by cats, squirrels, and other predators due to the wrong positioning of the feeder. You must place it at a height that is near their shelter and high enough for the cat and squirrel to be unable to reach.


You can play a small but important role in saving these species of birds. By placing a feeder, providing them shelter, covering your windows, you can save not much but at least a few hummingbirds from dying.

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