Do Hummingbirds Like Petunias? Petunias For Hummingbirds | Facts

Do Hummingbirds like Petunias?

Hummingbirds like different flowers and one of which is Petunia. Petunias is a South American nightshade family plant with many ornamental varieties that produce bright-colored tubular which is liked by Hummingbirds. It is delicious and acts as a food source for them. 

Its different colors, size, fragrance, and specialty to produce nectar help hummingbirds stay close to petunias. 

Do Petunias Attract Hummingbirds?

Yes, Petunias attract Hummingbirds the most not only because it is red, but also due to the different other bright colors which attract hummingbirds the most.  Its tubular shape is very easy for a hummingbird to consume nectar from inside.

Petunias is one of the flowers that have fragrance and sweetness which lures hummingbirds.  It blooms repeatedly and acts as a food source for hummingbirds. You can always spot hummingbirds near places having different types of bright and nectar-producing petunias. 

Do hummingbirds drink nectar from petunias?

Hummingbirds love to drink nectar from petunias flower as it has abundant nectar to quench the thirst of hummingbirds. 

The different types and families of petunias provide nectar in different quantities with different compositions of nutrients.  The various types of petunias are being liked by hummingbirds based on their natural capacity to produce nectar.

The sucrose in nectar helps hummingbirds to have sufficient energy in them to support their high metabolism-based energetic life and swift flights. The abundant source of nectar in petunias makes hummingbirds consume from it.  

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How to grow Petunias for Hummingbirds?

Do you want hummingbirds to fly in your garden or lawn?. The best way is to grow plants that attract them the most. 

Petunias is one of the flowers that catch the eye of hummingbirds. Grow petunias with love and care for hummingbirds to thrive in your neighborhood. 

For growing petunias from seeds, one must start growing them indoors for 8 to 10 weeks and then keep it outdoors after last spring frost. 

Protect the young plant from rain, late frosts, and humid weather.

Choose a suitable site with sufficient sun as petunias do not tend to grow in shades, it also grows in any type of soil as long as it drains well and does not stay wet always. 

Fertilize the soil and choose better methods for composting. 

Small seeds need to be grown indoors first. After the plant develops three leaves, keep it outdoors to grow and plant them one foot apart from each other for space. 

Petunias have a fair heat tolerance capacity. Thus watering once or twice a week thoroughly is sufficient. For spreading petunias in containers, it needs enough water. 

Fertilize the plant once a month, protect it against disease and pests. Avoid wetting the foliage when preventing the plant from disease. 

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Types of Petunias

Petunias come in many patterns and colors. The height and width of the plants vary. It has five types according to its size.

Grandiflora petunias:

These are large varieties of petunias. Since it is naturally susceptible to damage from rain due to its size, it grows only in hanging baskets and containers. 

It gets rotten in hot and humid summers thus it’s in its best shape in winter to attract hummingbirds. It includes storm, dream, ultra, super magic, and super cascade.

Trailing or spreading petunias

It spreads up to 3 to 4 feet and does not grow long. 

It spreads along the entire length of every stem and beautifully covers the whole ground with its bright colors making it the best type to catch the attention of hummingbirds easily. 

Milifloras petunias 

These petunias are smaller in size and are common and similar to other types of petunias. 

It only grows one and a half inches. On, the other hand it grows and lasts all seasons because it is prolific in nature, thus making it the only type to attract hummingbirds in all seasons. 

It includes fantasy and Pico Bella.  

Floribundas petunias

It is a medium-sized bloom with multiflora varieties because it is free flowering. The size of these petunias is intermediate between multiflora and Grandiflora.

Multiflora petunias

It is the most durable and prolific type of petunia. Though it is smaller in size, it has abundant nectar and flower mass. 

It is ideal for both summer bedding and mixed borders due to its wet tolerance. It is available in both double and single varieties. It includes celebrity, primetime, horizon, carpet, and mirage.

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What type of petunias do hummingbirds like?

Hummingbirds like the petunias have the most amount of fragrance and abundant nectar. 

Petunias come in different colors like white, pink, purple, blue, mixed but red petunias are liked by hummingbirds the most. 

Multiflora petunias have abundant nectar and thus are the best type for hummingbirds. Colors and fragrances alone will not be the best for hummingbirds since they need delicious meals to feed themselves. 

It has small but numerous blooms which cover the ground and thus make the place suitable to attract hummingbirds. 

The best part is during windy climate, hummingbirds can have access to it as multiflora has strong stem a and it has longer blooms surviving in the rainy weather making it a more durable type of petunias than other types.